One 'Gangplank' experience in my life.  I remember taking this Ferry from Melbourne to Hobart to start a new life.  Five years later, I took it right back to start again! The cylces of life aye?

One ‘Gangplank’ experience in my life. I remember taking this Ferry from Melbourne to Hobart to start a new life. Five years later, I took it right back to start again! The cycles of life aye?

It’s 9:13PM Friday night as I write this article and I am Preparing for a Day that I have been working hard on for 4 months on now; Martha and I have a full-house for our “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop” and I am pumped!

Once upon a time I would have been nervous and these days I am very excited.  The whole transformation in my whole experience (and thinking for that matter) has got me thinking about when you have massive events that change your life forever.

“The Gangplank” struck me as quite an interesting concept.  It’s the walkway / bridge to get onto a ship and it’s one of those things that I think can mark changes in peoples lives.  Be it you work on a ship and you are going away on a work trip, you are going away on a cruise or in my case once – I caught a Ferry from Melbourne (Victoria) to Hobart (Tasmania) to start a new life once upon a time.

I remember when I was 24 and my life in Melbourne hit quite a wall. My career was stuck, my girlfriend wasn’t a massive fan of me and I had an awesome job that was a fine break – being a “Full-Time” Marketing Manager! As I took my Car packed with stuff, I remember driving up to the massive “Spirit of Tasmania” Ferry.  It is a 10 to 11 hour bumpy ride across the Bass Straight (quite a violent stretch of water which claimed ships in the older colonial days).

From when I drove up a massive Gang-Plank in my car, I knew my life would change forever.  Oddly enough five years later when my life feel in a heap down there, I remember doing the exact reverse of the trip – leaving Hobart to Melbourne (and then Sydney).   Seven years later to this date and I have never returned.

I find the Gangplank is quite a metaphor for life.  Sometimes we are about to do things or embark on experiences that you know will change you for life.  Already in 2014 for me was being with Lovely Jude, running Awesome Business Boot Camp, going on my United Kingdom Business Trip and big life changing things like that.  The experience I often like to ponder is the “Day Before” a big massive life change.

I always find myself wondering, “After tomorrow, what will happen? How will I change? What abilities will I enhance and what shall I leave behind?”

With our Workshop tomorrow coming up, I know it will be a big awesome fun day that even though isn’t as big as some of the other stuff I have done this year, it will give me a new take / look on life at the end of the day.

My thinking on life? Life is always full of constant change and if I think of the most successful people I know, they embrace change and are used to it.  As a Corporate I used to hate change, but now I spend my life chasing it.  If you are in life and a bit fearful of change, may I suggest something to you – don’t worry about it! The more change, the more fun and the more you will create in life.

So thank you from Edward Zia Signing Out – time for me to finish preparing for one amazing workshop tomorrow.

Love your work and talk soon Awesome People!



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