An extremely early morning selfie with Accor Assistant Manager Patrick Gullotto.  He helped me carry stuff up from my car and was a pleasure on the day.  I love this Hotel Chain!

An extremely early morning selfie with Accor Assistant Manager Patrick Gullotto. He helped me carry stuff up from my car and was a pleasure on the day. I love this Hotel Chain!

8:53PM Saturday night, my pants barely fit me anymore and I am buzzing after our amazing “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing” Workshop today with great people at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.  If you know a bit about me, I have lived and run events in many hotels and just recently visited quite a few Novotel’s across the world.

My recent visits include a stack of them covering Novotel Deira City (Dubai, UAE), Novotel London Docklands (United Kingdom) and plenty around Victoria, Queensland and of course Sydney Olympic Park today.

Novotel / Accor don’t pay me any money for this and I doubt there is any prospect they will ever become a client so this is out of my love for a bunch of great people that work night and day to look after guests.

So based on my experience today (especially after running an awesome event) I want to give 10 x Reasons why you must consider the Novotel to either stay or run your business events:

1) They are really nice: Right from cleaners going past and saying hello, to an engineer downstairs offering to put my exit card into the gate box – all of the staff are right there to help you.

2) The Management Walk their Talk: I arrived at the venue at 6:50AM today and the Assistant Manager (pictured with me) Patrick Gullotto was doing work in the car park.  He immediately said hello and offered PERSONAL service by helping me take stuff up to the conference room.  Kathryn Morley was the events person who I don’t think I have ever met, but she was responding to my every pathetic whim over email with rapid speed.  Pretty cool lot I think!

3) I was tired and they got me coffee: I was slightly worn out at about 11:30AM and sitting on a couch outside on my own.  One of the Banquets staff offered me a coffee and that picked me right up.

4) I screwed up and they fixed it: MY FAULT, I did tell them morning tea was at 10:30AM and I called it at 10AM.  The staff member looking after us said “No Problem” and rushed everything out early.  My bad and they fixed it.

5) The food was outstanding quality: Novotel and Accor know their stuff.  The food was abundant and everyone was well looked after.  Great quality with good mixture of light hot and cold foods.

6) Staff were easy to find: You don’t have to run far to find Novotel staff. Regardless of what they are doing, they will strive to give you attention first.

7) The Management Work Hard: Patrick Gullotto the Assistant Manager who I met in the car park at 6:50AM was at the front desk at 6:30PM.  This guy was working an easy 12 hour day and he was “Bright eyed and bushy tailed” towards the end of his shift.  Talk about leading by example.

8) The Rooms are Magnificent: Perfect setup as agreed, everything out and the configuration was exactly what I wanted.  NO CHANGES were required.

9) Good Coffee: Yes! Nothing else to say.

10) THEY ARE CONSISTENT WORLDWIDE: I am not kidding you.  From the Middle East to the United Kingdom to different states are Australia, Novotel by Accor have got that consistent brand experience.

So there you go.  I usually am ranting about something negative, but tonight it’s my “Positive Rant” about Novotel.  The problem with this article is that I have totally positive.  It feels like my article is not quite complete, so I have to say something negative to balance this out.

As I can think of anything negative, I will at least say something extreme:


There you go and I feel better now.  I have made an extreme statement of superiority.

Thank you for the read awesome friends and there you go – I may be quick to point out faults, but I am quick to point out legends too.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Novotel Lover!



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