The 4Networking Glastonbury New Group Launch was amazing.  I have been lucky to learn from some of the World's Best Networkers and hang out with Becky Holley there too!

The 4Networking Glastonbury New Group Launch was amazing. I have been lucky to learn from some of the World’s Best Networkers and hang out with Becky Holley there too!

Business Networking I have always and even more to this day seen it as one of the Top Small Business Marketing Strategies.

I have helped clients and met countless people that have built 6-Figure Businesses out of Face to Face Networking.  Some from scratch and some who are say stuck between $50K to $100K per / year and helping them break the $500K / year earnings.

In my Online Training Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” I have a whole section dedicated to teaching and helping one understand how to make Business Networking a Profitable and Fun experience.

As I write this article in the United Kingdom, I was very lucky to participate in the launch of 4Networking Glastonbury today.  It’s the a massive music town and it was an amazing to be part of a New 4Networking Group Launch with plenty of people joining our happening business networking group.

The 4Networking Team (which I am very proud to be a member of) are some of the best Business Networkers in the world when it comes to running events and helping people of all experiences succeed.

In my time in the United Kingdom I have been spending it with business leaders Terry & Lin Cooper, Brad Burton, Stefan Thomas – people who Network and run events for a living.  They get how things work and their thinking is based on “Meet, Liking, Knowing and Trusting” someone (it’s how I built my business and I actively teach this to many of my clients today).

This sounds a bit obvious when I write it out like this – but very few practice this in the real world.  I had a great conversation with Terry Cooper on the topic and he is a Master Sales Man.  None of us like Buying or even Selling to people we don’t like or have trust for.  In terms of the “Meet, Like, Know & Trust” approach, Terry and the lot are always of the view that you need to spend enough time with someone to figure out if you are really going to do business with them.

This is not only just going to plenty of Business Networking Events and meeting people, but also meeting them one on one for coffee to get to know each other.  As you become friends and trust each other, it’s quite natural for business to be done as a consequence of that process.

So in very simple terms, some of the World’s Best Business Networkers constantly advise:

– “Make friends based on trust and then do business”.

We have all been making friends in our lives for years and this is the basis of using Business Networking as an effective Small Business Marketing Strategy to achieve that objective.

My advice? Look at your Business Networking from a point of reason.  You won’t buy anything from someone you just meet and vice-versa.  Think carefully about the Networking Events you go too, make friends and work out with each other how you can help each other make money.  It’s critical to go to networking events, connect with the right people at that group and then spend 1-on-1 time with them – all with a productive business friendship driven purpose.

This is exactly how I did it and it’s great seeing it in practice yet again today!

If you want to learn more about Business Networking and Small Business Marketing too, I’d love you to consider my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – instant access right here at our main page.

Thank you for the read Awesome Friends, Drop me a Line if you need a hand and Happy Business Networking Out There!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and 4Networking Regional Leader (who loves hanging out with some of the World’s Best Networkers!)



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