5 Stars for Ben Hughes - it was a pleasure attending his Wine and Cheese Tasting Event!

5 Stars for Ben Hughes – it was a pleasure attending his Wine and Cheese Tasting Event!

My wife and I were very blessed to enjoy a fine early evening Saturday Wine & Cheese Tasting session with Ben Hughes from the Australian Wine & Beer School.

It was a fantastic evening and something like this I have never quite done before. Interesting, I only met Ben Hughes a few days earlier for the first time at the British Chamber of Commerce.

We spoke, hit it off and he invited my wife and I to join him at this perfectly timed event. As we walked in, we were greeted by a massive room of people outside the back of The Oak Barrel in Sydney CBD.

The first thing I noticed was the awesome people in the room, the many glasses laid out at our tables and the fantastic Cheddar, Blue and Cream Cheeses to come to complement a fantastic array of wines that we had.

I am actually a massive Red Wine / Shiraz type of person and on this journey he took us through the whole gamete. Riesling was at the bottom, Rose was mid-way and Shiraz was at the top as the ‘strongest wine’ (which suits my incredibly ethnic / middle eastern strong palate that enjoys black coffee withOUT sugar).

My wife and I befriended the awesome Marc & Patricia next to us while we were at it enjoying tasting wine after wine, cracker after cracker and getting great information to make us sound that ‘bit cooler’ next time we are at out and about trying to play wine experts (lol).

We all really liked Ben Hughes from several viewpoints. Firstly, he is a kind man. Secondly, he is very easy to listen too and learn from. Thirdly, he knows exactly how to create a positive and fun experience for everyone. What was really good is that you could have minimal wine / cheese knowledge and would have felt completely comfortable there.

My review of Ben Hughes and his Wine & Cheese Tasting? 5 Stars and highly recommend. Love his work and if you like what you see, sign up to his database on his website here (scroll to the bottom).

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Ben – great meeting you Marc & Patricia, thank you awesome wife and stay awesome!



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