Fruits in Suits® is FABULOUS

Fruits in Suits®ROCKED

For some years I have always heard about this great ‘Gay Meetup’. I have been told by many wonderful Gay friends about the ‘Fruits in Suits®’ concept and I never just got there.

As fate would have it, I met one of their wonderful directors (Jarrod) at NSW Business Chamber who said it’s time for me to come for a visit.

I did, and I was blown away by how great it was. Here are the reasons why it’s just fabulous:

  • Hundreds of people: Massive event
  • Great people: They really rocked, and I bumped into quite a few Gay Friends
  • The food rocked: I know it’s not the point of a Networking event, but it was outstanding
  • Well organised: Runs to perfect time and just well done

My advice and thinking? If you are in the pink community or would like to get in there, check out Fruits in Suits®. It’s a great initiative run by the SGLBA (“Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association”).

As a proud Gay Ally, they totally rock and I love their work.

>> Visit the SGLBA Website here to learn more!

Just fabulous 😊