Rhonda cutting her Birthday Cake at AMF Bowling in Villawood (Sydney Australia).  Ciaran Keating holding the cake and one Humble Persian Man looking on!

Rhonda cutting her Birthday Cake at AMF Bowling in Villawood (Sydney Australia). Ciaran Keating holding the cake
and one Humble Persian Man looking on!

It’s very positive me writing this post in the respect that my life has really sucked for many years. It was all completely my fault and I blame no one, but the Persian Man in the mirror.

In this post, I wish to dedicate it to two very special women that I know – Lisa Aifantis and Rhonda Osman. They run this cool business Premium Call Centre Solutions and we have been “War Buddies” for I think about 7 years now.

A very long time ago during my Corporate Workplace days (where I met them), I met these two awesome business women.  At the time I met them, they were women fighting for their business lives and I was very lucky to be able to protect them from unfairly losing a big contract and being the victim of unfair criticism and attacks from one of their clients.  I always took the “Logical Side” (whether it suited me politically or not) and saving them was one of the best moves of my life.

About 4 years later, they came to return the aid.  I had a big knock in my business at the start when I was still fairly weak (which almost was the death of me) and they gave me such amazing emotional support then to get back on me feet.

Today I was very humbled by a surprise Birthday Party with them and my new friends from 4Networking.  It moved me in ways beyond words and this is actually the best birthday party I have had in my life – period.  I am very lucky to have this fellowship around me and it got me reflecting on my failures in the past and those lost years.

Going back and telling the story, if you read some of my earlier posts or “From Ashes Part I” – you will notice that I pretty much destroyed my life due to my own incompetence.  I was lucky to retain my health, but I lost everything else – life savings, friends, place to live, long-term relationship and I destroyed my career.

In reflecting back on myself and what happened, my big failure was that I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I was just going from week to week, thinking I was “Just Awesome”. Even though I donated to charity and was a helpful figure, I became a “Fat Piggy” thinking I was invulnerable.

During the GFC and after a round of bad decisions I ruined my life completely (I was about 28 at the time, now turning 35) and my last few years has been catching up again.  I have finally proven (to myself at least) that as long as you don’t lose your health, you can rebuild yourself Financially and get ahead again.  I am now superior in strength (business wise, friendships and financially) to what I have ever been and I have my “New Friends” to thank for that.

Lisa, Rhonda and many friends from 4Networking threw a Surprise Party for Rhonda & I (her birthday is a few days after mine) and it was the best party of my life.  Very tear jerking even writing this and if I look back, I have had many Birthday’s on my own.

And this is where the sob story I tell is really aimed at my own failures, I used to spend time with the wrong people, I would sabotage my previous relationships and I would often reach birthday’s alone trying to hold in my sadness and either drinking or doing something to limit the pain I would feel in that moment. My own lack of confidence causing me to hang out with the wrong people let me to this loneliness and I deserved every bit of punishment I got.

Today I am a very lucky man, I became part of 4Networking and after screwing up the first part of my life I feel that it gave me a second shot.  My early 20’s were great and I had some great church friends, but my 25-30’s was a disaster life wise.  My life was off track and I was in a place of emotional isolation and my own pride / ego was killing me off day by day.

When I joined 4Networking it was for commercial means (starting my business) and overtime it was the “Fellowship” that changed my life.  I came to admit that “I was wrong” (which for a Persian Guy is not an easy thing to do) and I admitted that I couldn’t win the game of life on my own (which was my problem) and accepted the Fellowship of great people like Lisa & Rhonda and many more.

Today was a revelation for me and one of the best days of my life to date – true friends supporting me and feeling like I am part of something far larger than myself.

As for me, I am a very lucky man.  Jesus Christ and the God’s certainly are smiling upon me and I am making sure I give back to everyone and working hard to support 4Networking which gave me a second chance in life.

So yes! This is very hard for me expressing my views, so will keep up with some new articles as time passes.

From Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Awesome Marketing Vault Creator – I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  Hope you get maximum results out there!


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