This is the best ever quote on Free Speech from Winston Churchill.  So few people claim it, but only stick to it when people agree with them!

This is the best ever quote on Free Speech from Winston Churchill. So many claim to agree with it, but only stick to it when people agree with them!

Ricky Gervais from a Political Perspective is a massive inspiration of mine.  Even though we probably sit on opposite sides of politics (I am quite a right leaning capitalist) – I love a lot of his views.  Even though I agree with most of them, some I don’t – but because he is so awesome, reasonable and logical I think it’s great.

My business is rocking right now and I am so grateful for the success.  Even though that is going great my personal life I am quite proud of now (it sucked in 2013!) – January 2014 was quite emotional for some parts of it.

As part of upgrading my own Small Business Marketing – I started my “Finally Proper” Online Campaign about 2 – 3 months ago.  This has been outstanding and I have grown my business already from it by at least 5%! My Online Strategy has been based on many things, one in particular being “Blogging”.

This is proven to work! And my proof? You are reading it now!

As part of successful blogging you got to be quite expressive and take a view.  I have started doing that and as a Marketing & Business Mentor working the beat of Sydney – I started talking about my experiences.

Be it people ripping me off, trying too, ripping off my friends / clients or awesome people and helping them celebrate their wins – I am the first to call it accurately.  Of course when it comes to positive praise I will talk about that great person and when it comes to critique – I will never name or single out a given person in this forum.  Even though part of me would like to do that (and their crimes easily justify such a response) – my blog is not a weapon, it’s an educational tool aimed at helping awesome people deal with scum-bags in business.

When I started mostly in January 2014 taking a stand on my views, I have had most people come out as active supporters which is great.  I am so blessed with the response.

However, there was a few reapers in the shadows which didn’t like what I have to say. I have had several abusive phone calls, lots of back-stabbing and quite a few aggressive emails.  I received one email from a person that was incredibly aggressive – but when I saw them at a function, they were my best friend pretending everything was great (coward!).  I have had people that don’t like what I say – and have with their limited power tried to silence my voice and silence my blog.

It really makes me think about “Free Speech” and at the start of the year – the emails and phone calls used to really upset me.  I am now over it and my writing has helped so many – I am like “Bring it on” with these anti-free speech characters who are trying to shut me down.  If anything – I haven’t heard from them all in a while, so yay!

Going back to what my awesome idol Sir Winston Churchill said about Free Speech.  I don’t think many people believe in it.  I have had lots of abuse, people trying to shut down my blog, on Facebook – this mean “Positive Abundant Coach” who I was always the first one liking his posts and comments (only to unfriend me when I disagreed with him) – all show their total disrespect for what makes our democratic society of Australia just awesome.  I am sure if you ask them “Sure, I believe in Free Speech” – but really they don’t.

They just want people to just agree with everything they say – and in that moment they love “Free Speech”.  But the moment they get disagreed with – they are all up in arms trying to suppress the other voice.  Pathetic in my book – and they are totally Un-Australian.

I get told things every day I don’t like.  I hear things in the media I don’t agree with.  I even got some nasty complaints aimed at me because of my blog.  But guess what? I LOVE IT! Because it is the right to free speech and if I have the right to share my views – then they have the right to share theirs.

Bringing it back to running an Awesome Small Business & Entrepreneurialism too – it’s great being able to speak your mind! Not only for “Ideological Democratic Reasons” – but for pragmatic business reasons.  You can call bad behaviour, be straight up, take a controversial point of view (which you know you are correct in) and put in out there without fear of retribution or retailation.

That is why I love Australia! We get the opportunity to do that and it rocks.

And speaking of Free Speech – if you want to hear plenty of my views on Small Business Marketing taken to the Awesome Level – make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault right here! You will love it – and yeah Free Speech!

Thank you for the great read – you are totally awesome and as much as I love free speech – if you hate my blog no more abusive emails! Please x x (Okay you can send some, I got to put my money where my mouth is on Free Speech).  Have a great day or night everyone!



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