Focusing on those that LOVE you

focus-on-those-that-love-youOur Profitable Meetup group is going great guns.

We have 7 x on the waiting list for tonight, it grows by about 3 x members a day, we get clients from it and with probably being accused of overusing the word; well it’s just awesome.

I love it right! Of course. It’s brilliant. It’s free and it helps the community.

BUT believe it or not, you get the odd person that doesn’t like it. Maybe about once a fortnight you get someone signing out. I have heard all sorts of reasons why and one I got today from on opt-out was “too much fluff”.

Wow, too much Fluff? I would say that is completely insane in that we have stacks of 5 star reviews, people love it, we give out handouts with easily of the best marketing content in town. I am really grateful for that person leaving our Meetup Group as it ironically followed a conversation I have had with a few clients lately.

I met with one of my clients of 5 + years today who runs a very successful IT company. They have had some people who are completely wrong say nasty things to him. Even though it’s not true, it did have it’s emotional impact on the great guy.

What the truth of all this is that as we get more successful we get more noticed. We grow the amount of people who loves and buy from us and we also grow our pool of critics. The haters / critics / mean people aren’t going anywhere and the truth is we are going to get more of them.

This to me is a very valid reason why people fear success. You become noticed, you get trolled and it’s part of the territory. I help clients with this type of issue quite often as a Marketer and what I can tell you is that you must reframe what it means to you.

The more haters we get, the more get trolled actually means we are becoming more successful. It’s an odd truth and the sooner we see that negative energy as a positive symbol it’s very healthy. I get trolled once a bit her and there on Facebook and I also get lots of clients from it.

So if I say ‘avoided the trolls’ I would lose potential clients and money! Obviously that is purely crazy and the key thought I want to give you is looking at this in a positive way.

My advice and thinking? Never worry about the haters / trolls / negative Nacy’s / David downers out there – focus on the people you are helping, that you love, that love you and the change you are creating in the world. It feels good and I have this great point for you to think about:

“What happens to the brains of those who don’t like you as you succeed?”

I love the answer to that question. Never let the trolls get you down, focus on who truly matters.

Thanks for the read! Appreciate your kindness and support.