Finding Hidden & Secret Gems

My friend Paul takes selfies that may even rival my own...

My friend Paul takes selfies that may even rival my own…

It was less than a decade ago that I was only living in my car making the wonderful journey up to Sydney. I was strangely optimistic in those days to only go through some very hard times that would make me much more powerful later in life.

I originally started job hunting (which was a total disaster), however it did start teaching me how to sell and handle a meeting.

As an ‘immigrant’ to Sydney, I must have walked almost every block of Sydney CBD getting lost, attending job interviews and trying to somehow crack the beautiful yet menacing metropolis of the Southern Hemisphere.

As the years passed, my life turned around and the business took off; I spend more and more time in Sydney CBD always finding something new.

I may see something funny off in the distance, meet a new client in a wonderful wacky location, wander into places (that I am not always welcome) and just randomly explore looking for new side quests and points of interest.

After several years of doing this, it turns out I am almost a tour guide for Sydney. I often meet people who aren’t from town and show them around knowing lots about this beautiful city that even impresses me.

I was with my friend Paul and I even knew of a simple, yet often unknown 360-degree view location. If you go to the Overseas Passenger Terminal at The Rocks, I once noticed this impressive tower at the top.

I once climbed it and discovered it for myself. Believe it or not, it’s not common knowledge and although is ‘obvious’ getting up there isn’t so obvious.

I just once wandered up there and found the view.

My advice and thinking? Be it you are in Sydney or your own wonderful city, make sure you ‘get off the grid’ and do some crazy stuff. Go into places you perhaps shouldn’t be, ignore maps and do your own thing, meet people in new whacky locations and start new adventures.

It makes life very interesting and you get to know your city all over and it’s lots of fun. It’s also impressive party talk.

Love your work, thank you Paul for the great selfie and here is to SECRET & HIDDEN Gems!