The Right People help you unpack your baggage! Pure and simple.

The Right People help you unpack your baggage! Pure and simple (Thank you Vault Boy and Gamespot for the image use).

I cannot remember for the life of me when / where I heard this, however the saying has really resonated with me (especially now in my life).

“Everyone has baggage, the right person helps you unpack” – I think is a stroke of pure and total genius and if anything I have picked up “More Baggage” in life and I am striving to unload is faster than I am picking it up.

Be it having great relationships with someone special, close friends and people that understand you – I find it absolutely critical that you have people in your life that “Reduce your issues” rather than increase them.

I have had people come into my life that have really just increased my baggage. They would either dump their issues on me, take out their insecurities on me – or say use me for a while then get rid of me when it suits them.

Speaking to the positive, I have had way more TOTALLY AWESOME people be part of my life today. They are ones that don’t judge me, support me, correct me, are direct with me and you can tell that beyond what say they may be getting from me, they genuinely want me to succeed and win in life. As I get older, I realize and appreciate the importance of making sure one is surrounded by the right people.

I have found that the “Wrong” people tend to judge you on what you think and your baggage.  That is, if you have “Baggage” they are the first to point out you are wrong, silly and you just shouldn’t think that way.  They are also the first to tell you how wonderful they are. I find they are generally ones with more baggage than most and they end up “Using You” if you don’t watch it.

The “Right” people are the ones who understand and help you go through the healing process of what you have been through in your life. I had some very rough experiences that impacted me on a deep level (like all of us have had at some point I am sure) and a very special person I know has been great in helping me “Deal with my issues” without judgement, putting me down and the like. In fact, whenever I speak with them I feel somewhat better about myself and every time slowly “Healed” in the process (they rock and know who they are! – Thank you x x)

My advice and lesson here? We all have had bad things happen to us. Make sure your close friends, trusted allies and significant other are just like you – that is, they want to help you heal, recover and enjoy what life & business has to offer.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Happy Unpacking Awesome Friends!



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