Endorsement Letters. Powerful. Get them!

endorsement-letters-just-rock-everyone-loves-edward-ziaI am feeling totally pumped, grateful and very thankful to the awesome Michael from the Eels. It’s an honour working with the amazing man and hot off the press; he very kindly wrote me an endorsement letter today.

I have been working with him for a while when it comes to the community and for many of us in business to business; our success in selling really comes from the results we get and ‘who for’.

For those that know us it’s easy to convince; but for those who are new to us it can take months (or even longer) to convince them we have the goods, can deliver and of course can be trusted.

Even though *I am a fan* of testimonials on websites and the like; they also have very limited power in influencing people. Many people look at them and can think they are ‘rigged’ so to speak. However if you are talking a proper letter on proper ‘letterhead’ it is very real, extremely powerful and high influential in convincing people you really know what you are doing.

Over 2016 in particular I have been busy collecting letters from all sorts of my top clients. It’s been a great experience and it has helped me in multiple key ways:

– More Clients: An obvious benefit in using them as part of my selling process.

– Make Selling Easier: I don’t have to lift as hard when I sell these days; the marketing and endorsement letters help.

– Make Me Feel Better: YES! Even a hardened solider like me can get down at times and the letters can be a massive pick up for all.

My advice and thinking? With your top clients – as you get results, become friends with them and the like ask them. No one has ever said no to me before and it just works.

It will give you great materials to put on your website and make your life much easier.

Thanks for the read, thank you Michael from the Eels and stay awesome friends!