Great events don't happen by chance - it's the result of lots of work and getting the little details right!

Great events don’t happen by chance – it’s the result of lots of work and getting the little details right!

I was with a very awesome client this morning and they asked me a great question, “Edward, what is the process for launching a successful event?”

It’s a great, multi dimensional question and in this case they were quite interested in getting the concept right and also knowing from the viewpoint of time what needs to come out in what order.

I sent them an email and here is an extract of what I said below:

Dear Awesome Client,

In terms of launching an event we usually recommend launching it 3 months out. That is, you spend say the first 2 – 4 weeks with the build and confirmation and the final 8 weeks filling the event.

We find that most people book in within the last 2 weeks, so early on in the process is more to build awareness and get it on one’s radar, with the final 2 weeks to hit it hard and get maximum bookings. To help, please refer to the following (starting at 12 weeks out):

12 to 8 weeks out: Confirm Speaker, Event, Strong Value Proposition, Partners are sorted and venue is all on track. Eventbrite is a great platform for this

8 Weeks out: Special Blast to whole database, share on Social Media, get partners to do the same thing to get early interest and build awareness.

6 – 4 Weeks out: A simple reminder blast(s) to remind for awareness and make some bookings. Good to share again on Social Media and ramp it up.

4 – 3 Weeks out: This is heavy / serious week where you do a monthly reminder, make sure your partners are doing this and you ring up / invite those VIPs who are very interested. 

3 – 2 Weeks out: Weekly blasts, constant information and make any phone calls you need to do.

1 Week out: 7 Day notice and lots on Social Media.

2 – 3 Day out: Make your confirmation phone calls to ensure everyone is setup, the speakers are great, the venue is on track and everything is perfect.

1 Day out: SMS reminders can be good and nothing wrong with another email with all the final details.

The Event Day: If a morning event, no need for an email. If evening, it’s very important – so people remember.

Hope that helps friends! Obviously a lot more to it and it requires a strong eye for detail with to processes and the like.

I will be helping my awesome client and trust this helps you. Like, share and stay awesome!



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