Discovering the high-tension joy of Elude Escape Rooms!

It was wonderful meeting the wonderful team from Elude Escape Rooms for lunch at the Sugar Salt Cafe. Magnificent!

It was wonderful meeting the team from Elude Escape Rooms at the Sugar Salt Cafe. 5 Star Spot!

It was years ago actually where I ran a workshop on Social Media Marketing with my wonderful friend Martha Arifin. It was a top workshop, where we spoke to the latest in Facebook & LinkedIn at the time (remembering that it changes daily).

As luck shall gave it, I was sitting at my desk and I received a wonderful message from one of my old pals and attendees Julia Billyard. At the time I knew her, she worked in Speciality Recruitment with this time, her asking me a great question, “Edward, so you know what an Escape Room is?”

The reply was DO I EVER!

They are wonderful, and I have played many different games in this concept. They are the ‘real life’ puzzle rooms where you are put into a room and you have a puzzle to solve in a limited amount of time. You are usually doing it with some friends and its extremely fun high tension.

I remember playing some of these with my friend Martha, and it was high energy fun more than any video game I played. The clock is ticking, you are solving puzzles and trying to work out how to break out of a room to get the upper hand and win the game.

The awesome Julia & Darren are behind the new concept of Elude Escape Rooms and it is very cool. It’s the high-tension action and they are lots of fun and highly recommended.

Many of Sydney’s Escape Rooms are concentrated in Sydney CBD too. Our friends have the West of Sydney covered with their accessible Escape Rooms located at Galston, NSW (not far from the Hills Shire, NW of Sydney).

My advice and thinking? If you are up for some great high-tension fun, check out their website here! I love their work and they are getting great reviews and winning big.

Enjoy the Escape, enjoy Elude Escape Rooms and of course watch this space. Big things cometh with them!

P.S. Thank you to Sugar Salt Cafe for the wonderful lunch. Just gave you a 5 Star Rating on FB.