Direct and to the POINT (Thank you Priya Songappan)

Reconnecting with Priya Songappan years later rocked. I LOVED her 'Direct and to the point' Marketing!!

Reconnecting with Priya Songappan years later rocked. I LOVED her ‘Direct and to the point’ Marketing!!

It was some years ago when I used to run lots of events in Parramatta (Western Sydney) before my focus moved to the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD.

Parramatta was certainly a much smaller and quieter city in those days and I actually remember what I did with fond memories as it paved the way for what I have today and all the awesome people I know.

During this time I met a lot of start-up entrepreneurs in that part of town like myself that some years later have ‘made it’ (so to speak) in going from survival to prospering in style with a smile.

Lately I have been lucky to reconnect with many of these fantastic people with some of us being on parallel journeys of going from helping people locally to having stronger ‘whole Sydney’ business footprints.

One of these characters who made an early impression on me now has a happening Design Business and interestingly with her play I LOVED HER WORDING.

Her own materials had very simple wording, strong claims, great imagery and when I looked this over; it was even like how I write and Market. As you worked through her Corporate Profile and materials it was simple benefit / outcome one after the other. Instead of pages and pages of content; you could be more than half asleep and you would get exactly what her business is about and what she stands for.

Priya Songappan certainly did impress me and we have a lot in common in terms of our directness, minimal ‘fluff’ and putting out the strong salient points that sell.

My advice and reinforced thinking? Less is more! Don’t write massive essays to sell. Make powerful points and back them up with as little, YET STRONG wording as powerful.

I love Priya’s work and check out her website here.

Love your work, stay awesome and make sure you like and share!