The day you cross 3,000 likes! (thank you Tina Zinghini)

One rightfully proud Tina as she breaks the 3,000 like ceiling - love her work!

One rightfully proud Tina as she breaks the 3,000 like ceiling – love her work!

It was a beautiful summer day. A good 26 degrees C, beautiful sunlight, the birds chirping and all things just being wonderful.

Such a day is perfect for a drive out to Camden in the Greater South West of Sydney. If you haven’t been there or not from this fine city; it’s a beautiful, wealthy and affluent country town. Even though it’s technically on the city’s fringes – it feels like you are clearly deep in Australia’s heartland.

Tina Zinghini runs an award winning lashes salon out there by the name of ‘Miss Lushes Lashes’. It’s incredible and I have been very lucky to know Tina and watch her salon grow over the years.

On just the Thursday gone we met up for a late working lunch and it was in that moment Tina crossed 3,000 likes on Facebook. In a low density regional area it’s a massive move to make and if you check out her Facebook page – her engagement is greater than pages I know with 30,000 likes.

For Tina it was a landmark watershed moment in that not only a massive chunk of her clients come from Facebook, but I think it was more of an ‘emotional achievement’ for her on many levels. She didn’t articulate it this way; but you could certainly see the emotional impact.

Stop and think about this for a moment, there is 3,000 people out there that loves Tina’s business. That is pretty incredible! That can fill many buses.

My advice wonderful friends? Besides checking out how awesome Tina is at Facebook, keep a great track on those key moments of achievement online.

In fact I can’t wait till my next 1,000!

Love your work Tina and please like and follow her fine Facebook Page here!