Haters will always be Haters and their opinions don't pay ones bills. The more we succeed the more we get and deal with them accordingly!

Haters will always be Haters and their opinions don’t pay ones bills. The more we succeed the more we get and deal with them accordingly! (Thank you to Fallout for the use of Vault Boy)

Hello Awesome People!

I have had this Conversation with hundreds of people (including Clients) over the years – the Age Old Issue that “the more Successful you become, the more Critics you will have.”

This used to really mess with my head and this whole Issue ended today as I have to hand it to the Awesome Fern HF Chang for the quote she shared, I think of the century which sums it up:s

“I used to care what People Thought about me, until One Day, I tried to Pay my Bills with their Opinions.”

This is Pure Logical Gold and in the last 3 months (mostly this year), I have had a handful of Vocally (yet totally wrong) Silly Critics make up stuff to bring me down and Slam me Unfairly to other People. Even though I have hundreds of Supporters on my side, their Attacks brought up a lot of Childhood and Deep Down Issues when it comes to “Needing Approval” and “Acceptance” and the like.

When it comes to Personal Growth and Development, I got over it, and thinking about my Awesome Clients it’s a common Challenge that many of us deal with throughout our lives. No matter how awesome we are and how we helpful we try to be (even Mother Theresa had people who hated her), you will never be able to please everyone you come across in life, and are always going to get the odd Critic/Hater coming up with Negative Comments about you.

Be it for their own Personal Insecurities & Issues, Agendas or whatever Excuses – Who Cares!

All it really Comes Down to is this Awesome Quote: “Do their Opinions Help Pay Your Bills?” – No! What really matters is that the Right People who are Truely on your side will Stay by Your Side through Thick and Thin, always be Willing to Help You Out and yet, you are always Perceived to be an Equal who will be there for them when the Opportunity to Help Arises.

My Advice and Learnings from this Experience? Haters will be Haters. There will always be Haters no matter what, and what they have to Say about you has Nothing to do with your Ability to Pay your Bills and Success. No matter what they say, keep in mind that, just like they say “Any Publicity is Good Publicity”. And trust me, the Stats have shown that, this little incident has actually in Fact, a Positive Outcome in Increasing the Exposure of my Business to a Greater Audience 😉

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. I think it is extremely difficult not to care about what others think, because this is a natural defence mechanism, deeply ingrained in our reptilian primitive brain. It is a personal protective instinct. When you are faced with an unfriendly tiger, you better put your guards up or risk being eaten. However we have evolved, and some instincts do not serve us that well anymore. We need some ‘reprogramming’ of the brain to filter out unnecessary distractions, like blunt remarks and nonconstructive criticisms. It takes a lot of wisdom to rise above the ‘noise’ and focus on what matters. I hope all of us can achieve this level of enlightenment so that life and work can be more effective and pleasant.

    • That is yet another quoteworthy brilliant response from yourself Fern! I have never heard it put so well and I can totally relate. You are spot on – these reactions are perfect in the “Tiger Scenario” but don’t serve us well in the “Business Modern World” scenario. It certainly does take a great deal of reprogramming and your commentary is helping for sure!

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