Continual Contact & Staying Connected

Staying connected makes your Marketing work!

Staying connected makes your Marketing work!

It was 8:30PM last night and I met with two fantastic clients at a beautiful Novotel. I like working there any chance I can get and one of them is a very powerful Coach who is expanding from the Corporate Space into the Entrepreneur Space.

I once did the same thing some years back as a Marketer and they are already getting some traction. I spent a lot of my focus on building what they already have that is working to take things to the next level.

Interestingly in their business and marketing process what we had to focus on was how they can stay continually connected to their target market. That is they are amazing at what they do, but people don’t quite know who they are yet (let alone, ‘Know’ and ‘Trust’ them enough to purchase).

We focused on several aspects including weekly email marketing to their database, regular Facebook use, ramping up their live workshops and having a regular schedule in how they communicate with the market.

I couldn’t recommend this enough and the same goes for my own business! When we make contact when we feel like it with our customers / the market it’s just not enough repetition to build the trust and close connection we need to take things to the next level.

For example, I do 1 to 2 emails to my database a week. It works! When I used to do an email once a fortnight it just did not work! Rightly or wrongly through results, analytics and testing I proved that more continual contact (in my case) drives conversion sales and results.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? Make sure in whatever strategy you use that you have constant contact. This of course varies for all business out there, but it’s something critical and important to build into the logic of your marketing plan and activities.

As we have more ‘touches’ with people, two things tend to happen. They decide they don’t like you (sniff) and move on or mostly; they decide they love with you some becoming high value clients.

That is just fantastic.

Go for it, market with strength, stay connected and win!

Love your work, thank you for the read and love your work from Edward Zia!

P.S. Thank you Div & Shiva for great photo, top coffee and inspiration!