Conquering the belief holding me back!

Never let old beliefs get the better of you! (Image Credit Awesome Fallout 4)

Never let old beliefs get the better of you! (Image Credit Awesome Fallout 4)

I had a fantastic adjustment with my Chiropractor today. As a man who has had some big injuries in his life (car accidents, working for the government and the mean streets when I was younger etc), the awesome Chiro keeps me in nice structural shape and totally sane.

My awesome Chiro from Kings William Natural Health Care, Eve Fennell looked me over today and through her checks picked up that I was holding onto some emotional distress.

She said in her kind, calm yet authoritative voice:

“Edward, you are holding onto some anger aren’t you?”

My funny, yet kind of true reaction to Eve was:

“I am always angry about something Eve”

As she did more of her checks as I was lying down in the table, she found out that I have a big ’emotional self limiting belief / blockage’ when it comes down to money.

What was interesting is that lately I have really pushed myself into overdrive. I have been working smarter, harder, faster, helping more people and earning more and even though most of my beliefs are very ‘abundance driven’, there is something there inside of me which opposes making money.

As I move forward, the anger I feel within is the winning part of me being in the zone and making money, against that little (and dying voice) reminding me that I am a ‘homeless man’ who doesn’t deserve to be rich or famous.

My awesome wife (thank you sweetie!), gave me some really good counsel in the car on the way back that gave me the chance to explore my sub-conscious mind on a much deeper level.

Although it was true that I was temporarily like that one, it had some larger impacts on my own self-identity that was impacting my earning potential. For me, realising it, conquering it and releasing it has been just awesome as I just feel lighter writing this blog.

I find changing the way our mind works involves daily thinking, self reflection and challenging our own thinking. For me, some of my thinking is razor sharp and in the zone, some of it is very old ‘bizarre’ ideas that hardly help (if not they are the opposite) of my own personal and financial success today.

My advice awesome friends? Look within your own mind. Nurture what works and conquer / remove what is holding you back.

Especially too, if you have say had a harder life than most like many of us (including yours truly), it can be easy to pick up some strange self limiting beliefs.

Remove them. Destroy them.

Smile then win.

Love your work friends, please share and thank you for the read. Appreciate it!

P.S. Thank you Fallout for the image use. It’s from your awesome poster in Fallout 4.