Coffee without Sugar & Milk!

I love my coffee as lean as possible!

As I have lost lots of weight lately, a few people rightfully (yet incorrectly) pulled me up on the coffee I drink.

These days, I have a maximum of 2 x Coffees per day, but they are ‘Long Blacks’ with no sugar. This means that they are basically no calories and they don’t contribute to my weight gain.

I know many wonderful people who have say 3 x Lattes a day. That is basically 3 x cups of milk a day, which is a great way to gain weight. That is, if you are trying to gain weight, drink milk! If you aren’t, please don’t – as it’s extremely fattening from that point of view (Soy included).

My advice and thinking? Drop the sugar in your coffee right away. It’s not good and if you need sweetness, use something like Stevia as a natural no calorie sweetener.

I would also suggest dropping the milk too and switching to a long black. If you don’t like that, you can say have a Macchiato or a Piccolo (which are coffees with a dash of milk). I used to drink milky coffee all the time and not good if you are trying to get slim. Switch to the black / light milk stuff and you can’t go wrong.

Love your work, thanks for the read and keep staying awesome friends!