Brilliant people that WIN quickly: How, How, How? (Thank you Ranger Jamie!)

The Awesome Ranger Jamie with my Marine Cap - love his work!

The Awesome Ranger Jamie with my Marine Cap – love his work!

Everyone is most certainly created differently and talking business & entrepreneurship; some people take a bit of time to succeed in business and some ‘make it’ just that bit quicker.

I can look you in the eye and say it took me a good 3 years before I could claim that I was ‘successful’ and I know many people how have done it in more or less time.

Obviously I am interested in those who have succeeded in less time and a good 20% of my many clients today would fall into the “Rapid Victory” type of category. If you speak to any of these amazing people, I will be the first to say that regardless of their luck; they earned it.

They worked hard, did amazing long nights, took many risks, totally reoriented their lives, committed to something that was unseen, learned the basic skills required to succeed in business and more so on this point; they had the courage to keep doubling down one win after another.

The ‘tall poppy syndrome’ people (who isn’t of course you as such ‘people’ would never read this blog) are the pure enemies of what you & I stand for and will often try to take the personal win away from these people by saying “Oh you got lucky”, “Your Daddy / Mummy gave you money” or they just make up some kind of BS. Although I defend their right to free speech and the like; I am the first to speak against these people that are the pure antithesis of our success.

Talking to the positive, these incredible people win quickly for a range of reasons. One person who I wish to study that I am blessed to know incredibly well is the very awesome ‘Ranger Jamie Simpson’.

He is this indefatigable Ranger that started his own Nature Tour & Experience Company in the last 2 years and he is conquering the market. He has achieved more in this time frame than many could dream of and in knowing him, these are my top 7 reasons of how he has done it:

  • Jamie has a clear vision of what he wants. He does it and loves his work.
  • He loves his customers and making them happy is what he lives for.
  • The people that work for his company are incredible – Jamie knows how to pick them.
  • Jamie doesn’t waste time; if he doesn’t know something he goes to the pro’s to get answers fast.
  • He is one consistent player and never stops Marketing and Selling.
  • Jamie continually questions his approach and thinks about speeding it up.
  • Ranger Jamie gets work done ASAP, beautifully and brilliantly!

In my book these are very powerful reasons and he is incredible; teaching me many things about what it takes and how to speed up my own success.

My advice and thinking? If you want to win quickly, hang out with and study people who are winning quickly right next to you. As it’s ‘now’ and you know them, you can study their traits and how they are doing it.

For example, hanging out with Ranger Jamie is one profitable move. Love your work, trust the thoughts help, stay awesome and Ranger Jamie – keep up the great work!

P.S. Secret friend from today, trust this helps!