I am very lucky to be surrounded with awesome people such as Hayley, Chris and Martha. They help promote me and I promote them. Effective marketing requires awesome people. Pure and simple!

I am very lucky to be surrounded with awesome people such as Hayley, Chris and Martha. They help promote me and I promote them. Effective marketing requires awesome people. Pure and simple!

I was recently very lucky to meet with an awesome client who I have utmost respect for. They are kind, intelligent, brilliant – and a very nice / caring person who is being taken advantage of by many people in his life.

In protecting their privacy privacy, I shall call him * Brian *.  Right now in his life, he has had family members & business partners all prey on his generous nature in a range of ways. Basically, what happened to the poor guy is that he is a successful business owner – however, he is mentally exhausted, stretched to his limits and he is having lots of trouble selling, marketing and doing what he needs to do – why? Because he is mentally exhausted.

When I met with him to talk marketing & getting more clients – the meeting started off with me picking that he emotionally was barely keeping it together. As we spoke, the emotion came to the surface and things just turned this instant corner. It became me sharing more my experiences of overcoming tragedy in my own life and also reflections of my old Military / Law Enforcement days when I worked the mean streets of Melbourne.

I was more playing to my older strengths as a Chaplain / Mentor type of character and during our discussion it became very obvious very quickly why * Brian * was at the end of his tether.

He has amazing friends, clients and help – however, he had a large proportion of so called “Friends” who were taking advantage of him. They were using him for his care, love, his energy and in very simple / sad terms they were “Wiping their Feet on Him”. When we both came to this consensus in the conversation (and having been through this myself) – I was very quick to advise him to work on only “Win / Win” & “Mutually Beneficial” relationships in his business and life. * Brian * was smiling, happier, lighter and loved the advice and was ready to put it into instant practice.

Bringing this back to effective Sales & Marketing – it’s very hard to go out there and “Sell” if you are say surrounded by people in your life who are taking advantage of you. In addition (as once happened to me), you can have referral partners that are only too happy to take referrals – but have no interest in giving you any back. This of course leads to missing out on tons of potential business, which is a massive marketing issue!

* Brian * is an awesome operator. He is a cool and kind man and to help take his marketing to the next level he needs win / win people in his life that can help:

– Support him during difficult times.

– Give him back great referrals like he gives them.

– Give him tips on selling & success.

– Motivate and invigorate him to achieve more.

Some years ago, I was once like this. I was once surrounded by many that took advantage of me. I then met this amazing man (who may be Grant Dempsey of 4Networking) who believed in me, treated me with full win / win – so I could achieve some great things in life to come. As I surrounded myself with people as awesome as * Brian * and myself – great things came to fruition.

My advice and learnings? Focus on the Win / Win people in your life and if you are in any situations where it’s not fair on both parties, either change that relationship, back off or even consider ending it. You will feel better for it, you shall create conditions to make you a better marketer – and of course life shall rock!

Thank you for the read, thank you * Brian * – you rock and love your work!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor & Blogger who has worked with anything from the detail of using Facebook – right through to Marketing Mindset issues such as these in this fine article (if you don’t mind me saying so myself).

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