Becoming ‘The Commander’

Sharon Grant is a TRUE Commander and everyone loves her.

Sharon Grant is a TRUE Commander and everyone loves her.

As I was driving back from ‘The Star’ (Sydney’s Casino) back home, I was reflecting on this wonderful event where I was lucky to guest speak tonight. It was hosted by my wonderful friend, Sales Mentor Sharon Grant.

If you know Sharon; she is a very successful Sales Specialist of extremely high tenacity. She has incredible clients and lots of them.

This all started with a phone call from her this morning. Her original speaker booked for the event cancelled, and I was lucky to be called as a backup. To pull this off at the last minute, I was able to juggle things around to leave the ‘Swedish Chamber of Commerce’ early and run to make Sharon’s event.

I went in, started speaking to a wonderful room of people and the first early thing I noticed was the amount of revere and respect the room had for Sharon. They loved her, listed to every word she said with her being ‘The Commander’.

I don’t use this term lightly in that winning the respect of people in Sydney is not easy; yet in a relatively short space of time Sharon Grant has quickly climbed into a Leadership position and she totally rocks.

Being a leader is everything in business today and as I drove back home late at night (stopping by Woolworths to pick up items for the baby), I kept thing about the key traits of Sharon’s that makes her so powerful as a leader and considered as to how she got there.

In deconstruction, this is how Sharon has become a ‘Commander’ in such a short space in time:

1)      Sharon has put out a lot of events quickly getting rapid exposure by lots of people (leverage).

2)      She is extremely powerful at what she does.

3)      Her intensity is very high.

4)      Outcomes are everything for clients.

5)      There is only the truth with her.

6)      Speed is everything.


These are some of her key traits that say one or two on their own, wouldn’t do the trick. However, when you stack each of these on each other, it turns one into a powerful leader very quickly which is exactly what she has done.

Hence, she is busy with clients with many more coming her way.

My advice and thinking? If you want to succeed, you want to be a leader. If you want to be a leader, you are going to have to play an exceptional game which will take many different things done well. You can see how Sharon has stacked this and imagine my shock; she is ‘The Commander’.

This serves as a great model to us all. I invite you to consider that if you are not yet a Commander in your space yet, ask yourself how you can get there. If you are, then think about how you can do it better.

I love your work, thank you for the read and BRAVO Sharon! Great event and you are rocking.