Lorna Jane offer some amazing products and it was a great shopping experience at their Sydney CBD shop today. It's no stroke of luck they are so successful!

Lorna Jane offer some amazing products and it was a great shopping experience at their Sydney CBD shop today. It’s no stroke of luck they are so successful!

The lovely Jude and I on a fine Sunday spent quite a bit of “Quality Time” doing what any new couple does.  Enjoying the Circular Quay end of Sydney, shopping and buying awesome stuff.

I am quite proud of Jude for a range of reasons.  Being a great mother, “Surviving” (and I mean that quite literally) as a Single Mother for years without the necessary support, getting her business started and also picking up a stack of new clients this week.

Even though I can relate to once being a startup, I can hardly relate to the stress / pain of being a “Single Mother” for years and her plight has always inspired support for me (far before we started as Mr & Mrs so to speak).

Over say the past few months, Jude has worked hard being startup.  Getting more clients, working her butt off to get established and she has run some great events.  As I have worked quite hard too (tons of new clients and my Online Work) we felt like it was time to relax and enjoy ourselves.  Jude basically needed a new wardrobe and the thinking was to first get her “Sports / Casual” outfit.  After purchasing ASICS runners, we went straight to the fine Lorna Jane in the upper end of George St in Sydney CBD (near Circular Quay) and it was an amazing experience.

Even though I am a Heteosexual Persian Man (although many like to question that point considering the shirts I wear), I have always appreciated the strength of the Lorna Jane concept for a range of reasons.  They sell very high quality, stylish and very fairly priced Sporting Wear.  Quality Goods for Quality Women I say!

What impressed me about this experience of shopping there today was how the Sales Manager there Claudia handled us just beautifully from start to finish.  Firstly, we came in and considering the room is “Full of Chicks and I am a Persian Dude” I am feeling quite uncomfortable being in a womens clothing shop.  She came in, made me “Feel Okay” about being there and worked out quite quickly that I was purchasing stuff for my lovely better half.  She introduced herself and worked hard on fitting Jude with some lovely quality sports clothes.

As this compelling experienced progressed, as Jude was trying on stuff and I was “Uncomfortable trying to be Comfortable” she was non-stop talking to me, learning about me and being so super kind.  We spent $195 and she even did the upsell “Well, if you cross $200 you get this free gym bag” – so yes, we purchased I think the $25 gym towel.

Jude loves it, looks amazing in her new “Lorna Jane Field Outfit” and even better, she thinks I am wonderful.  This credit in the bank will hopefully bail me out of times I annoy her and it’s a positive reward for the both of us.

My advice and learnings from today? Big or small – you can create amazing Sales Experiences with ones Clients.  Bringing it back to more of my own Sandbox of Small Business Sales & Marketing, I think it’s really important to have the lot; quality goods, fair prices and really focus on emotionally connecting with and understanding your clients.  Besides it being a “Profitable” type of behaviour, it makes business pleasant and fun!

Thank you Claudia from Lorna Jane and hope you enjoyed this read.

I know as well, my blogs are usually slamming someone – s0 this is odd for me being 100% Positive.  Jude and I went to Guylian Chocolate on Darling Harbour and it was awful.  So stay tuned for that one!

Go Lorna Jane! We love you x x

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