Sometimes in business and life we are just 'Out of the Zone' and need awesome friends to support us back 'Into the Zone!'

Sometimes in business and life we are just ‘Out of the Zone’ and need awesome friends to support us back ‘Into the Zone!’

Even though my health is almost back, I woke up this Friday still a bit under the weather from quite a few weeks of being quite sick.  I had a headache, my thoughts were miles off track and I had to really “Make” myself get up and head to the awesome 4Networking Penrith today (which is a great Group in Regional Western Sydney).

Within about 15 minutes of the awesome meeting, I was back on track, focused, positive and had a really amazing day.  What I found interesting is that over the years I have been involved in some of these fine networking groups is that nothing picks one up faster than other wonderful people.

A great counter example of this was a Business Chamber I was involved with some months back.  Quite a few people in that Chamber didn’t like me, were just taking advantage of me for my connections and I would walk into some of their meetings “Positive and Happy” only to leave “Frustrated and Off-Balance”.  I remember the relief in leaving this Chamber once and for all.

Talking to the awesome positive – today I was the opposite.  I was tired, off-balance and amazing people at 4Networking Penrith just made me feel great and I was “Back in the Zone!”

Being “In The Zone” was a great line I learned from a brilliant Currency Trader by the name of Jarratt Davis some years back.  It is basically a reference for your mindset, feeling and emotions just being perfectly aligned to what you are doing in that given moment.  In terms of business, I think it’s being focused on your clients, growing your base, helping people and not over-worrying about stuff that may go wrong or go against you.

As much as I like to think I am a “Macho” type of man, the reality is that like anyone we need other people – especially when we need that emotional support.  I so got it today, I had an amazing day of high powered selling and I totally loved it.  Why? Because I am surrounded by awesome people that support me and I return the favours when they need it.

My advice? Surround yourself with brilliant awesome people, give to them when they need it and they will be there to support you when you need it!

Thank you for the read and have an awesome day or night from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor who loves being “In the Zone!’



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