Edward (myself) and the Lovely Lauren.  Yes, we were partying in this photo hence justifying my "Duck Face" which has been publicly condemned by the Sydney Business Community LOL!

Edward (myself) and the Lovely Lauren. Yes, we were partying in this photo hence justifying my “Duck Face” which has been publicly condemned by the Sydney Business Community LOL!

“I love Lauren” which were words I have uttered over and over again about the fine Lauren Watts who I am quite lucky to be working with.  I originally hired her as my Australian Virtual Assistant, she hired me back as a Marketing Mentor some time later – and we have became great friends and “War Buddies” during 2013 and also the start of this year.

I consider her an Awesome Operator for a range of reasons, one in particular being her drive for growth and how she does her best to support / return favours sent her way.

During our meeting over the weekend, we were talking Business, Marketing and also spent quite a bit of time reflecting on our shared associates.  One big part of our discussion was what defines:

– The Awesome

– The BAD

– And when to Turn the Tap Off!

That is, if you are say about to go into business or have been in it for a while – you really start to realize quickly how there is certainly “No I in Team”.  In my own experience and many of my Millionaire clients & colleagues will attest to this – there are not many “Lone Wolves” that have made it in this game.  Almost everyone I know who is self-made and doing great financially (or just in life) are team players and know how to interact with people and support people.

In our own Networking Groups in Sydney and people we work with generally, Lauren and I were giving commentary to people that are Awesome and why are they Awesome? Daniel Doherty from MerlinFX – Online Wizardry, very contribution driven awesome character and Drina Ng from Metamosaic who gives her help freely are two examples of people that give first and are well respected successful players.

We also reflecting on people that have been the direct opposite.  The BAD people and if you have read some of my previous articles BAD = “Brilliant At Deception”.  Unfortunately you get people that love just taking.

In fact they enjoy it, they just love getting free advice, taking up free time, they pretend they are nice people – but overtime they often contribute nothing.  For a short while they can actually get away with it.  However, over time – questions get raised as to “Hold on, I gave them 3 x Referrals and they haven’t even thanked me” or “I have been really nice to them and they are just rude to me” or even worse people think the BAD person is out to get them and start proactively protecting themselves.

Eventually the BAD people run out of time and people just “Turn Off the Tap” after months and months of no reciprocation and even walk away feeling used.  Talking personally, I had this happen to me several times already over the past few months – people taking advantage of my positional power and my knowledge, only to not help me back at all or even say bad things about me.  It’s very upsetting personally, but you get over it – and then the BAD person always loses out.  After all, when someone asks me about their services – I will only tell them the truth and warn them against being used / abused like I was.

The good news as Lauren and I reflected on this that there are way more AWESOME people that BAD people which we love and dealing with a we BAD people is perfectly normal and part of business.  I think the importance is being very sensitive to who you are working with and making sure that you are giving to the right people.

For the record, I am not saying everyone has to give you money as you very well may be helping someone that isn’t in a financial or strategic position to commercially help you back.  But they can acknowledge you, say positive things about you – and that is all FREE!

This brings back to my conversation with Lauren, AWESOME people think that way.  If you do one of these people a favour, they will spend their time figuring out how to repay you.  BAD people’s brains just work differently and they are sit there and work out:

– Okay, how can I get more and more out of them for less?

That is, they are so sick they enjoy the idea of getting a free meal.  My advice? Be careful who you do business with and watch out for the BAD people.  Sure, give people a few chances, but when you know they are making a mockery of you tell them what you think and move on!

I find that approach works very well and try to not take it personally.  The BAD people do it to everyone and they get off on it. It’s their problem and not yours, and the good news is that they are almost always the lower earners of the business world.

Thank god though – most people are AWESOME, like Lovely Lauren, Daniel and Delightful Drina.

And speaking of awesome things, make sure you check out The Awesome Marketing Vault – my fine Online Sales & Marketing Course right here!

Have a great day or night everyone and thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Lover of Awesome People!



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