The extremely brave Personal Trainer Elisa Wilson who totally earned my respect.  Moving to Sydney to start a new life. Impressive!

The extremely brave Personal Trainer Elisa Wilson who totally earned my respect. Moving to Sydney to start a new life. Impressive!

In doing my mere best to be a “Fit Persian Man” I have to attend the gym at least 3 x times per week. I was there yesterday (Saturday at the time I write this blog) and if you have read any of my previous posts you have no doubt seen the love I show for Anytime Fitness.  It’s a great concept full of nice people and it’s a break not having to go to that other “Silly Gym” which is full of pretension and you have to live your life by their clock.

As I was on the Cross-Training Machine yesterday a very pleasant (& extremely fit) blonde Personal Trainer approached me. She couldn’t have weighed more than 45 kilos, probably came up to my shoulders – but she is way braver than I was when I was her age.

I was drinking a Long Black Coffee while on the machine – and she said hello, laughed at me about it and while I was working out away we started talking. I could tell immediately from her accent she was not a Sydney Sider (I was picking up Regional Victoria) and before long she revealed she is from Adelaide originally.

It was about a 15 minute conversation as I started learning her story and exchanging mine – I told her what I did and she started asking some very intelligent questions about how to get public speaking gigs and the like.  As we conversed – I got permission to write this blog and got her story – she left Adelaide, worked in Canberra for a while and 5 weeks earlier had come to Sydney ON HER OWN to start a new life.

No job, little contacts and nothing – she just came to Sydney to start her brand new life.  I remember doing the same thing when I was 28 and good on her! Elisa Wilson is her name and she totally inspired me with her bravery. Yes, she was probably 5″6 – 45kg, but she has more muscle & strength than me and boy I was impressed.

In reflecting on her story, me recently being made single & moving house, as well my friends who have been through similar – life at times change because something happens to us or we make it. In telling my own story, my life fell into a total heap when I was in Hobart at the age of 28 – and my answer was to move interstate and start my life again. The first few months was extremely hard and traumatic – but as life unravelled and I got more “Business Savvy” life totally rocked and made sense.

Upon thinking more about Awesome Elise’s story – it reminded me of these pertinent truths:

– Change is inevitable & don’t fight it.

– The past is gone & move on (a big lesson for me in recently having a fiance and step child move on.  They are gone & good luck to them – time for me to move on in my own mind).

– If your life isn’t working – do something radical & change it!

– Strength isn’t quite often physical – it’s mental.  Push yourself and make it all happen.

I wish the awesome and amazing Elise a great start in Sydney and I hope she picks up tons of personal training clients. She deserves it! With her skills and bravery I hope she makes $1,000,000 ASAP.

Love your work – thank you Elise for being so friendly and saying hello and have a great day / night awesome people!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Inspired Persian Man!

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