Aeona on Central: Top Coworking, Events & Office Space!

Aeona on Central has been great in helping us create some magical experiences. We love their work!

Aeona on Central has been great in helping us create some magical experiences. We love their work!

As I have been enjoying my weekend, I have been thinking lots about our wonderful sponsor for our “Profitable Marketing Meetup”.

This is our fortnightly event that started in 2017 which is designed to help Entrepreneurs win big for FREE with the powerhouse content and community we provide.

It exploded to about 65+ people in 2018 with Aeona on Central being a key figure in that result. They sponsored us giving us the place for free (after hours), enabling us to pass on the event to free being a massive value add in the lives of already hundreds of people this year.

As they give us their office space in off peak times (evening sessions on Tuesday’s), I do my best to promote them any chance I get. Be it a post on social media or direct leads, they are a great spot. People really love the space, and these are my top reasons why:

1)      Brilliant Location: A block away from Central Station in Sydney CBD. Easy accessibility, great view and there are top restaurants nearby. There is parking nearby in Surry Hills, however the train is the best way to get in.

2)      Great space to work, meet people and get more done: They have Offices and great desks around the place and it’s purely lovely.

3)      Top Conference Seminar Room: Be it you want an intimate meeting of 5 to 10 people or go the full Seminar Evening like I do, you can do it there.

4)      Practical and Great Facilities: The kitchens, outdoor areas, bathrooms, WiFi and the critical services are done well.

5)      Inspirational: Jari, Alex, Ben and the team do a great job working hard to help people. I love them for it.

My advice and thinking? Come to one of our events or visit them during business hours for a tour.

>> Visit their website here to learn more!

Thank you Aeona, love your work and we appreciate you!