A genius Facebook Post from Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas is a Top Business Networking & Sales Mentor. LOVE HIS WORK!

You may have have heard to me speak about my wonderful Business Networking & Sales Mentor before.

He’s an incredible man who I worked with for days when I went to the UK a few years back. His knowledge helped me change everything in my business for the better.

Stefan Thomas is also a great guy and he shared something on Facebook this morning that just resonated with me. It’s exactly what I say to people and I love his wording. Copied and pasted from Facebook, this is what he said that I love:

“Who is there in your network, who is waiting to do business with you, you just haven’t spoken with them recently and given them the chance to buy?

One of the things I find when I work 121 with people is that very often they are leaving their whole network, which they’ve put time and effort into building, to whither.

Who could you ‘phone or otherwise make contact with today to move your business forward?

Existing clients,

Past clients,

People who have expressed half an interest in buying from you,

Male a list and make contact. Do it today. Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation, but it is up to you to continue that conversation.”

My advice and thinking? This is gold and I love making at least 10 phones a day in pursuit of this objective. It just works, and I love all of it. It’s how I have got clients, filled my workshops, kept winning and more. This post is so simple, yet so rarely done. When you do it, it’s just great!

Enjoy the thoughts, connect with Stefan and stay awesome friends!