I love doing Webinars and they have been a great part of my business.  If you are selling 'Information' I highly recommend you consider this as a key strategy!

I love doing Webinars and they have been a great part of my business. If you are selling ‘Information’ I highly recommend you consider this as a key strategy!

I love Webinars! Long before I went into business, I would often learn content through Webinar Delivery Platforms.  Be it short courses, my Post-Graduate in Marketing and later on learning “Small Business Marketing” – Webinars have been a great means of engaging with that form of content.

Talking to today, Webinars have been a great part of my business for the last two years.  Probably about 6 – 12 months ago, I really took them to the next level in terms of filling them better, delivering more information and also having a nice / short “Sales Pitch” in there to help me get great clients from them.

One thing I have noticed is that lots of people “Do Webinars”, but very few get the Positive Reviews / Wraps that I have been getting.  There are multiple reasons for this being the case including that say the content is questionable, the operator just hasn’t put enough time into this, there are technical issues or even worse – IT’S ALL A SELL JOB.

If you aren’t familiar with webinars, they are basically an “Online Seminar” (hence Webinar) as the wording sounds.  Talking more Small Business & Getting More High Value clients and the like, you basically do this:

– Run Great FREE Webinars, Deliver Great Content, Invite Everyone you Can, then Invite them to Hire you / Buy Your Products!

I now run Webinars each 3 weeks roughly and get anything from 2 – 5 leads per event – so I love it and hope these tips help you:

1) Work out your Topic & Direction: A Webinar is a means of delivering content and doesn’t make your content “Any Better”.  Make sure your content is gold, so you know it works!

2) Select a Great Platform: I use the Citrix GoToWebinar Platform.  I have never seen anyone stick with a platform beyond this (i.e. especially with the cheaper ones).  Regardless, test it and make sure it’s compatible.

3) Create Brilliant Content & PPT’s: Usually you go through a PowerPoint of some form.  Create brilliant visuals with strong graphics.

4) Learn the Software and Deliver a Great Experience: Speak quickly, fast, answer questions and probably practice on your friends and get used to it.

5) Solve Problems with the Questions: People don’t just assess you on your content, they assess you on how you answer their questions and solve their problems.  Generally speaking, if someone has a big problem which I can solve on your webinar – chances are they may become a client!

6) Use Leadpages to Convert: The Webinar “Landing Pages” to get sign ups usually suck.  I have used Leadpages to create high converting landing pages for Webinars.

7) Invite People to do Business With You: I used to deliver some great webinars and I never invited people to actually hire me / buy my online products.  I have found that you mention it at the start and go through a few slides at the end.  Provided you do a great job, some will say yes!

There is way more to this, but I trust these general tips help you get started.  I help many of my clients get into Webinars, so of course drop me a line if I can assist.

Like all things technical, start small, test and get into it.  Love your work and thanks! If you’d love to join one of my webinars – sign up to my database.  You should get an invite soon afterwards!

About the Author: 

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Entrepreneur, 4Networking Leader and Business Commentator.  He loves helping Small Business Owners get more clients and helping them master their game.  If you like what you see, drop him a line and check out his Premium Home Study Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Access it Here!

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