7 x Tips for Using Facebook to Get More Customers: A Big Wrap to Miss Lushes Lashes!

Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes. She rocks and love her work!

Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes. She rocks and love her work!

I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Tina Zinghini from “Miss Lushes Lashes” based in the South West of Sydney.  She is this very kind cool character who was a won Miss Pinup Australia a few years ago and runs a Beauty Salon doing the full on 1950’s theme.

It’s been done really well in the respect of capturing that Utopian time of history.  When I first visited her Salon, it instantly took me back to a time that although I never experienced (as I was born in the late 70’s) – it made me certainly feel like I did.

Tina is quite an ambitious character who loves her clients and loves what she does with plans to expand.  As she is flat out, the challenge for her has been “Marketing” and working “In the Business”.  She has been pumping out Facebook Posts that have done several things quite well.  If you check out her Facebook Page you can see exactly how she has done it.

She uses a mixture of Social Pieces and Direct-Sells.  So it doesn’t get spammy at all, she uses really clever / fun images so people can get sold too and have a smile / laugh at the same time.  Her success and greatness inspired me to write 7 x Tips to show off what she does:

1) Have a Clear Point of Difference: There are Beauty Salons everywhere and Tina’s edge is her quality and her 50’s image.  It’s really well done and it stands out.  Make sure you look different!

2) Build your Relevant Likes Up & Boost Posts: Tina has a good 1000+ likes which is a great base to work with.  You really need some good likes to help you get your word out there.  She then uses the “Boosted Post” feature to get massive exposure for key posts she wants to get out there.

3) Work out Great Social Content: Your posts should have great Social Content to it – be it you are selling or not, it’s got to be fun & light.

4) Post at least 5 x Times a Week: This works well for most of my clients and kicking butt for Tina.

5) Keep the Wording Sharp & Sexy: You want really want no more than 4 lines with your posts and get the offer out so people can get it quickly.  In Tina’s case it’s promoting Salon Services. Yours may be a Live Webinar, an Upcoming Workshop or anything like that.

6) Don’t be Spammy: Make sure your posts are fun and add value to people’s experience on Facebook.  Spammy “BUY THIS” stuff too much doesn’t wash.  If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t post it.

7) Keep Learning & Monitoring: Tina is getting a feel to which posts make the phone ring and which ones don’t.  This is playing out very nicely for her and say in a month I would imagine she shall be a raving FB expert!

I trust these tips out and check out Tina’s Facebook Page & Salon. I find her a great client in the respect that she gets stuff done and the results coming in!

Like, share, enjoy and love your work Tina!