I find in business the more we question how we are using our time and money the better - it keeps us on track and avoiding 'Unprofitable Behaviours!'

I find in business the more we question how we are using our time and money the better – it keeps us on track and avoiding ‘Unprofitable Behaviours!’

Being in business for oneself I think is super awesome and I am so grateful for my current life. It’s way better than my Corporate Days (in terms of everything from Money, to Freedom to Satisfaction) and one challenge I find myself (and many of my fine friends) dealing with all the time is that of ensuring you are on the right track.

Even though I think I am pretty good at it today, I find it always important to be questioning my time, what I am doing and ensuring my behaviours are as profitable as possible. This inspired me to write the following tips to help:

1) Always be asking questions: I think a healthy level of self-awareness is critical to ensuring you are doing the right thing at a given time.

2) Watch our for Time Wasters / Energy Suckers: This is a big problem for many and it took me a bit of time to get over this. You get people in business and life that are “Lose / Win” type of characters. That is – they don’t care if you win or lose – they just will take your time and take advantage of you. Cut them loose and watch out for them.

3) Have a Strong Direction: Make sure you know where you are taking your business & life. If you don’t, other people tend to take over your dreams and you may wind up like I once did – living out of your car (so please learn from my mistakes).

4) Ditching Silly Projects / Things you Don’t Want: This has happened to me and many of us. Sometimes you get caught up doing things you don’t want, invested into silly projects and you are just doing it to make others happy at your expense.  Don’t!

5) Work on Marketing & Business Automation: We can only work so hard, so I find it’s great to spend time working on automated processes and marketing to get more value out of our time. Mailchimp Email, Facebook, Training Videos – things I love doing.

6) Win / Win Relationships: Only work with people who are as kind and awesome as you.

7) Ask yourself the magic question: “Am I using my time in a profitable manner?”, “Can I justify what I am doing now?” – If your answer isn’t “YES” time to stop and review what you are doing.

I have found that the more I apply this type of thinking, the “Less Work” I do, the “More Time” I have and the more my bank account loves my.

My advice? Review what you are doing and remember that you are the one driving the train here. Make sure it’s going the way you want.

Love your work, thank you for the read and if you enjoyed this one – check out my Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!

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  1. Hi Edward,

    Love what you are sharing here. They seem like commonsense but I trust that many people are like me who have learned it the hard way. If we are not aware, we can easily be sucked into time-wasting activities and/or catching others’ low energy!

    It is worthwhile to develop a keen awareness so that any “Lose / Win” type of characters and relationships can be avoided. Collaboration is key to success, not sole effort!

    Thanks for your awesome tips!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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