7 x Tips for Creating your Perfect TAG LINE

My tagline. I love it and a proven winner. Create yours today!

My tagline. I love it and a proven winner. Create yours today!

One massive area for many of my fine clients is coming up with a powerful ‘Tag Line’. That describes what you are all about. This is your line of power and your ‘positioning statement’ which tends to go on almost everything to summarise what one is about in an enticing way so people can hire you.

Some of the people I work with nail it in moments and some take a long time to ‘nail it’. My tagline is “More Clients, More Money, More TimeTM” which has been incredible and it took me quite a while to come up with.

It was an ongoing creative journey that is not the easiest thing to come with I can tell you! To make it faster and better, I’d love to share with you my top 7 x tips on this one:

  • It won’t be perfect in the first round. So don’t panic, you will most likely change it.
  • Make it short, sexy and powerful. I don’t like more than half a sentence (or say six words).
  • It must explain why you are wonderful and people should hire you.
  • Must be enticing to your market. No point you loving it if no one else does.
  • Make sure it’s available and not taken by someone else. Don’t want you getting into trouble.
  • Ensure it stands up to scrutiny when you come up with something, I love showing it to my ‘hardest’ clients for the best feedback.
  • It’s a creative thing, keep thinking about it and nailing it.

Of course as well when it’s out, sales and the actual market response is everything. I know for example my Tagline is complete gold (in that it sells and gets amazing feedback with people ‘getting it’) and I can tell you some of my earlier tag lines didn’t work out.

My advice and thinking? Come up with your powerful tagline and test it. Get it out there, get feedback and put it into your mental ‘melting pot’ to help you nail it one day.

Love your work, best of luck, here to help and stay awesome!

Edward Zia