In addition to the article - coffee is also a great enhancer of Marketing Success.  Whatever it takes to keep you in the zone!

In addition to the article – coffee is also a great enhancer of Marketing Success. Whatever it takes to keep you in the zone!

Learning Small Business Marketing and seeing the “Profitable” Secrets over the years has been a key privilege of mine from many points of view.

Even though part of me feels like I just started my business yesterday, people today often refer to me as a “Marketing Expert”, “A Man Who Know’s It All” and the like. When they do, I kind of look over my shoulder and think who are they talking about with a smile and humour.

In having worked with hundreds personally and thousands when I count the amount of speaking and workshops I have done – there have been some common traits and numbers that I have really seen play out over time.

The people who excel at their own Marketing usually have common traits, compared to those that struggle with their own marketing to get all the profitable clients they deserve (a lot of these lessons too are covered in quite a bit of detail in my Premium Online Course too, The Awesome Marketing Vault if you are interested!).

In reflecting on this on a nice Friday night, it has inspired me to place my Top 7 x Key Profitable Thoughts of Marketing over the years:

1) Successful Marketers Don’t Let Insecurity Get to Them: We all get insecure in business. Someones we wonder where our next clients and the like are coming from! Everyone gets insecure and the successful ones channel their nervous energy into getting more high value clients. That is – the negative emotion is channeled in such as way to create a positive result.

2) Successful Marketers Work out What Works / What Doesn’t: Not everything we do in marketing works and the top ones are willing to try everything and use the wins / losses to guide their decision making.

3) Successful Marketers Are Consistent: Probably like anything in life, they are forever at it – forever marketing and forever pushing themselves to make regular Sales Approaches and the like.

4) Successful Marketers Learn How to Sell: You can’t just pump out LinkedIn or Facebook Posts and expect people to buy from you. You need to often speak to potential clients, help them and get them over the line. Marketing is often getting the lead in – but then you got to get it over the line.

5) Successful Marketers Choose to be Positive When Most Won’t: I have stressful moments like anyone and the trick is to “Choose to be Positive” and see the glass as half full. This gives inspiration & focus.

6) Successful Marketers Can Handle Negative Feedback: We all cop negative feedback at times and the trick is turning that into learning, evolution and inspiration.

7) Successful Marketers Help Other People: They know success is a two way street and they love helping people – even when no money is on the table. This makes them well liked, so surprise surprise – they get lots of referrals.

My advice and big learnings on all this? If you know someone of course who is kicking butt – observe them and ask why. I always do and you can easily learn a thing or two.

Love your work and trust this helps!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger and 4Networking Leader who loves Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners get the massive results they deserve. From anything from the detail of Marketing to the “Marketing Mindset” he draws on his many experiences to help.

If you like what you see, a great place to start is his Premium Online Sales & Marketing Course The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Access it here!

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