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A 5 Star Review for Gladysdale Bakehouse in Yarra Junction, Victoria

Loved the outstanding obvious quality at Gladysdale Bakehouse!

Even though my blog is more of a business & entrepreneur blog, I like to break rank every now and then and do food.

Be it I try something unique or I find a wonderful place; it’s a great opportunity to explore something new.

Just got back from 2 weeks working holidays with my family as we visited my wonderful parents in the Yarra Valley. It was great, and the food was outstanding across the whole valley. One place that really stood out to us was the Gladysdale Bakehouse.

Here are my 5 x reasons to give it 5 stars:

  • Great quality coffee. I’m an addict and I know it.
  • Pies are great. Wife loved them.
  • Staff are nice. Good to have.
  • Nice Country Bakehouse feel with a trendy city vibe.
  • Great products everywhere. The bread was great too and loved it.

>> Check out their Facebook Page here!

Love their work and top spot!

Why I love being IMPATIENT

Being impatient helped me succeed. Finally!

I used to get told all the time, “Ed, be patient”, “Ed, build it and they will come” and all this dumb stuff.

After many years of hearing this and being told how bad I was for being impatient; I realised how great it is to be impatient (and that all my critics were wrong yet again).

Being impatient is awesome in that it creates frustration that leads to us TAKING ACTION to improve our circumstances.

My advice and thinking? If someone ever calls you impatient, tell them I think they have no idea and that they are just “too slow to keep up with the modern day”.

Trust me friends, being impatient rocks.

Love your work and enjoy friends!

Edward’s Latest Sales & Marketing Plan – To Download

Enjoy my latest Sales & Marketing Plan to help you win big friends!

One of my wonderful clients and friends is working on their Sales & Marketing Plan to win big in 2019.

As he asked me about it, I realised I need to update my own plan.

Well I did and you can get it here:

>> Download Edward’s Sales & Marketing Plan Here (January 2019 Update)

If you want help in creating yours, get in contact and LOVE YOUR WORK!

P.S. Image Credit to all the photos used. Thank you!

I ran 10km today and I’m 40

Loved making the double lap of Albert Park Lake. We’re back!

I thought I would take the time to make a minor boast here.

Now, I know some of you run 10km with ease, however for me it’s something cool and a massive achievement.

I’ve lost 20kg over the past few years and today, did two laps of Albert Park Lake (in Victoria, Australia). I could even walk and drive afterwards. My fitness is like when I was in my 20’s and in the Army.

My advice and thinking? Age is a number my friends. I just saw in TV this Asian Old Guy who climbed Mt. Everest at 80. I am not doing that, but there you go; more justification for my argument.

Love your work! If your way healthier than me, please don’t lose it.

If you know you got problems, get healthy friends. Been there, worth it!

Everyone’s Journey is different. That’s Cool!

Your own business journey is all yours. Enjoy it! (Image Credit to South Park & Eric Cartman)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get frustrated in my business.

At times, I feel like I should be WAY MORE powerful that what I should, only if I did X, Y & Z earlier.

The reality of business and life is that it varies for everyone and that is totally cool. Some people get really big in no time at all, some work at it for ages (me) and everyone else in between.

I used to always let this frustrate me, only to realise that the world is not a fair place. Some people have more, some people have less and that’s cool. The key point being is that our own journeys are all different.

The idea is taking advantage of your best knowledge and environment at the time, and that is what anyone can ever ask from you.

My advice and thinking? Don’t make my old mistakes and compare yourself to other people.

Run your own race and win big in your own unique way.

BELIEVE ME 😊 Love your work friends!

P.S. Image Credit to South Park & Eric Cartman