Totally People Awesome Like You Reading My Blog so deserve One Hundred Percent Belief in yourself to feel Awesome and Do Business Your Way In Style. Your Way!

Totally People Awesome Like You Reading My Blog so deserve One Hundred Percent Belief in yourself to feel Awesome and Do Business Your Way In Style. Your Way!

I have spent a great deal of my life living in fear.  Living in fear of “A” happening at “B” time, making mistakes, looking silly and desperate for many years to win the approval of everyone (which is just totally impossible and a great way of keeping yourself poor!).

As I have grown in my own business success and helped thousands of people worldwide with their Marketing & Sales Success – I have learnt from some of my brilliant United Kingdom Colleagues the critical importance of 100% Conviction and belief in yourself.

I love Small Business Sales & Marketing (and feel free to check out my Online Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here) and Business Mindset that is a key part of this.  Strategy is important, but as we are often our entire workforce – we need to be mentally “In the Zone” so we deliver.

In the past few weeks with the great help of my friends Stefan Thomas, Brad Burton and Terry Cooper of 4Networking Fame, the really supported me into going from say believing in myself at a “So-So” 80%, right through to 100% Conviction.

What this means in functional terms is that I am not some arrogant guy who runs around saying that he knows everything.  In fact, I still make mistakes, feel down and am very human.  However, instead of not fully supporting myself and always holding back – I NOW HIT WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE.

I have intentionally removed piece by piece the negative junk holding me back and replaced it with constructive driven thoughts.  How did I do this? It’s actually quite simple:

– I have listened to my thoughts, ceased negative / nonconstructive thoughts and replaced them with Awesome / Profitable and Supportive thinking.

So let’s say I miss out on a sale.  I don’t say anymore “You suck Ed and you won’t get another one.”  I now say “Good shot Edward, you need more clients so time to push harder and enjoy it”.  In other words, I am not sitting there watching “The Secret” wishing for my life to work.  I am loving myself more and pushing things to work!

My advice? Don’t be positive or negative to yourself.  Be factual and constructive.  Take control of that little voice in your head and let’s say you are only 40% confident in yourself.  Start building yourself 1% every day.  60 days later your emotions will rock and I bet your behaviours have improved putting you in the better place to kick butt and improve your situation.

And what better way to help you with your new mindset? Get My Online Course the Awesome Marketing Vault.  You will so love it, so buy it now for instant access x x (I so love getting that sell in!).

Thank you for the great read fine friend and keep up the great work out there!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man of 100% Conviction!



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    • Glad you found this one Awesome Stefan Thomas! I am still integrating all the powerful lessons you have taught me and you have covered in that genius book of yours!

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