The Driven Juanita Jamsari who invited me to speak at her upcoming Student Event.  If only I was so motivated when I was at University. Easily have my dream car right now if I was x x

The Driven Juanita Jamsari who invited me to speak at her upcoming Student Event. If only I was so motivated when I was at University. Easily have my dream car right now if I was x x

As a departure from my usual “Small Business Marketing” advice I am very happy to be doing some volunteer work to help the awesome Juanita Jamsari in looking after the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia – New South Wales (MASCA NSW).

I generally spend about 1 x Day per month with the dynamic University Students at Macquarie University helping out some of their student bodies as a Business Advisor, Judging their Competitions, Wearing Floral Shirts while teaching Year 9 to 2nd Year Uni students not to stuff up their lives like I have and lecture on my favourite subject of course “Sales & Marketing!”

In a few weeks I am speaking to a group of my new Malaysian friends and in the meantime, this article is to leave them and any lucky reader 10 x Tips for Awesome University Students to Market themselves and their ideas.

Forged from my own wins, losses and everything else in between:

1) Know Your Outcome: Are you a Career Chaser or the Entrepreneur? Great to know from early days your agenda.  Are you out to get yourself a job or find investors? Work this out right away.

2) Start Networking Now: Start getting out there while you are student visiting Networking and Business Chamber Events.  If you are say two years from finishing your degree, get out now and build your amazing profile.  By the time you finish university, you may have found yourself an awesome job!

3) Realize that Few get Jobs the Old Fashioned Way: Seek? Newspapers? Job Ads? Pehhh.  My best Marketing Career jobs were ALL THROUGH PEOPLE I KNEW.  So meet people and explore!

4) Realize that you need people to Launch a Business: If you aren’t going to get a job and want a massive start-up idea, same concept applies.  Even if you want to be an Online Marketer, you aren’t going to make your millions on your own.  You need to connect with great people that can help you.

5) Look the part: Make sure you look the part – be it a “Corporate” you are in a suit, if you are an “Entrepreneur” you are in your best “Google HQ” outfit.  Get some fashion help if you need it!

6) A Compelling Pitch: If someone who doesn’t know meet you, what do you say that is enticing? Make sure you sound wonderful so people want to keep talking.  You don’t say “I need an Accounting Job”, you say “I have just finished at Macquarie University and I am looking for an Awesome Role, with an Awesome Company so I can work Awesomely hard!”.

7) The Internal Drive: Chasing Dreams can be hard at times and plenty of people (like they did to me) can say “You Suck” and all this negative stuff.  Make sure you are driven internally and YOU ARE REALLY HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS!

8) Be an Face to Face Man / Woman: I love Facebook, LinkedIn and the Internet – but don’t hide behind it.  Get out and about – Face to Face can win this game.

9) Visit Heaps of Networking Events: Decide what you love and don’t love.  Meet dozens of people and you never know!

10) Do it now: Yes, don’t wait.  Get out there and explore!

These are but just 10 x of my many thoughts on Marketing oneself as a Student.  If anything, I started years too late and if I was as smart as my Macquarie University friends I would easily be triple the income now I am on!

And of course like all my Articles, I have to get a quick plug into my Awesome Online Sales & Marketing Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – Instant Access Right here!

Thank you for the read Awesome People and good luck to my student friends with their Business Ambitions and Job Hunting!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Entrepreneur who knows what it’s like starting out!



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