Anna Porter's Marketing Planning and Consistency proves that it doesn't take long to be a successful entrepreneur when you are treating your business and open to learning new things!

Anna Porter’s Marketing Planning and Consistency proves that it doesn’t take long to be a successful entrepreneur when you are treating your business with respect and open to learning new things!

Please excuse my most sexist title of putting women above men.  Even though I am obviously (well try to be) a man myself,  I am always open to the old “Battle of the Sexes”.  I always like to keep an eye on the dialogue exchange and fuel the old gender debate for fun.

Being raised by a strong feminist and Victorian Police Inspector, I watched my poor mother first hand deal with sexual discrimination her whole life.  Ironically not in the Police Force, they actually had tons of respect for my mother – it was everyone else.  She would try and get a loan, and they wouldn’t help her because she was a woman – even ironically, in the old days women would quite often be more sexist against her for not leading the “Nuclear” family lifestyle.

One great character I work with as an old client and colleague is Anna Porter.  I am quite sentimental about her in that she was my first ever “Workshop Client” some years ago and I recall her being 6 months pregnant at the time and had an amazing burning desire.

Over time, I have watched her raise her family, build a successful Property Investing Business, publicly speak and achieve the life that would make people like my mother proud.  Bringing back in the “Sexism Debate”, one thing that women have over us men is most certainly humility.

Including myself once, when men tend to stuff up – dangerous “Ego” can kick in and prevent one from seeing mistakes & learning from them.  When it comes to business planning, especially for 2014 this thinking can not only limit performance but even be fatal (especially if you are a start-up without massive cash reserves to cover you).

As it’s obviously private information, Anna Porter inspired me to write this post about her in that she has put up from her Whiteboard her plans for 2014 in our “Private Awesome Mastermind Facebook Group”.  Without giving her intellectual property away, it’s very good.  She has clear actions and objectives so from a Small Business Marketing viewpoint:

– Anna know’s exactly what to do each week to achieve her Financial & Business Goals for 2014.

That is, she knows what she wants to achieve and has written up weekly actions to follow so she knows she will achieve her results with realism, confidence and clarity.

As I don’t have permission to give away her details – I will give away my list of Weekly Actions / KPIs to illustrate what I do to make my business successful:

3 x Networking Events

3 x Coffee Chats & Partnering

3 x Acts of Contribution

3 x Asking for Business

5 x Social Media Posts

8 x Pro-Active Service & Follow up Calls

35 x Prayer and JC Appreciation Moments

7 x Daily Email Close

4 x Asking / Giving Referrals

6 x Fitness Slots (30 Minutes Each)

5 x Written Articles (Blog / SEO / Thought Leadership)

1 x Exceptional & Proactive Support

4 x 60 Minute Research / Development Sessions

This evolves all the time of course and I take it very seriously.  Why? Because like Anna Porter I know it’s consistent effective work that will not only achieve results for my clients, but give me personal life & business satisfaction.  It was this thinking and approach that turned my life around in 2013 and also for many awesome people that I am lucky to work with.

So the hero of the moment Anna Porter inspired me to write this post and a big thank you to her.

And like I always do with my soft selling, if you like what you see here feel free to check out the Awesome Marketing Vault – my own Online Course build from years of learning, pain, suffering and awesome successes!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, who is impressed with Business Women Whipping Men!



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