Anna Porter - A Brilliant Entrepreneur, 6 months pregnant as my first Workshop Client Ever and Guest Blogger this time! (Photo Credit to Jeffrey Hinks)

Anna Porter – A Brilliant Entrepreneur, 6 months pregnant as my first Workshop Client Ever and Guest Blogger this time! (Photo Credit to Jeffrey Hinks)

I love writing controversial headings and of course like stirring the pot when it comes “Gender!” Of course my article isn’t about that, it’s more to talk about one brilliant female entrepreneur!  I work with some amazing women and this post is dedicated to my first Paid Workshop Client Ever – the amazing Anna Porter (from Suburbanite Property).

When she first signed up to my workshop, she was 6 months pregnant with her first child and in the years she has gone from Start-Up to being a very Successful Property Consultant and Mentor.

Outside of her business, she was helping her fine hubby in his own business.  She helped him built the business up in terms of Revenue and Profitability and has just helped him sell it!  It was totally awesome with the success she has had and posted about this topic in our Secret Facebook Mastermind Group. With her permission, I had to show you what she said – directly quoted:

“A few weeks ago my husband and I sold one of our business’s and handed over to the new owner last Friday (not my one). My hubby worked very hard and built it up to be very successful which allowed us to sell for a good price. I thought I would share with you a few things that we learned along the way for building a saleable business….

1. Pay down your business debt. We built a budget around paying off the business debt within the first 5 years. This allowed us to build up our capital so we had real profit when we sold. I see so many small business not paying down their debt, leaving them with little borrowing power when times are tough to get through & no equity when they sell.

2. Everything needs to be systems & processes. Don’t keep all the magic in your head. Make it systematic, not just so you have a saleable business but also for your own sanity.

3. Your accountant is your best friend in business. Every big (and little) decision we made was with advice and guidance from our accountant. He is on speed dial in my phone. Remember your accountant has worked with hundreds/thousands of other business and seen them succeed & fail. He can give you great strategic and financial advice along the way. Keep him/ her in the loop!

I’m sure many of you know this & practise this, so please don’t think I’m telling you all how to run your business. I just thought a few tips on what we learned along the way would be good to share.”

A brilliant post from Anna Porter when it comes to her own experiences in building and selling businesses. Are Women Better than Men? Well I shall let you decide that one and like some of my posts, they can certainly open the can of worms.

Thank you for the great read and even though I have just headed this article suggesting “Women are Better than Men”, still check out my Amazing Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – powerful and you will love it! Don’t be sexist now okay? Men deserve equal rights against awesome women x x

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Anna Porter Fan!



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