Got to Love Selling! It makes Business Owners big Dollars!

Got to Love Selling! It makes Business Owners big Dollars!

I have had an amazing week and very blessed again to be working with 2 amazing business operators, Glenn Meilak (Definitive Wealth Management) and George Germanos (Alliance Accounting).

The boys have both built impressive businesses in the short space of about 2 years and its funny seeing them in action.  I have known plenty of business people doing exactly “the same thing” (e.g. Accounting and Financial Planning) to mostly not make it or have a marginal existence at best.

Glenn & George are sharp operators for sure and today we were talking about face to face selling! That is, like myself and many fine people I work with we are all nice people, technical experts and of course having to sell our services.

Being guilty of this myself, it can be easy to get involved in the detail of what we do and “temporarily forget” the importance of having to understand where our clients are at, what their hot buttons are and of course how to sell! After re-sparking these memories with George and Glenn today – it has motivated me to write a fine check list and guides for business owners wanting to brush up their selling:

– LISTEN – Always find out where people are at first!
– ENSURE – Before choosing to sell or push a point, make sure you know your product is just perfect for them!
– SUBTLE DISCUSSION – Most selling these days is not the old “Door to Door” days, but a subtle and friendly conversation leading people a certain way.
– TRANSPARENCY – No bull, the facts. This goes both ways, facts about what you do and facts about how awesome it is.
– DIRECTNESS – If your product is the best and they need it, you tell them that and you believe it!
– JUSTIFICATION – If you are charging $500 then have a great reason, $1000 a great reason, $100,000 a great reason! Whatever you charge, justify it fairly!
– ASK – Ask for the order or just get to work!

Depending on where you are it, this may be obvious or a revelation to you! One big thing that came to the surface is dealing with “price objection”. That is, there are two reasons that people object to price:

– They are just jerks.
– They aren’t convinced it’s worth that much.

Jerks are jerks, but don’t assume that! Always justify your price. For example, if you are say more expensive / premium than the rest of the market, you must know why! Then explain that in precise detail.

For example, my hourly rate is $250 / Hour + GST and I am sure there are plenty of marketing consultants around that will do it for $100 / hour or even less! So if I am head to head, why am I worth what I am charging if I get asked?

– Because I have almost 15 years of experience.
– It is a fair rate for my experience / reputation.
– My advice can save plenty of mistakes costing more than $250 / Hour!
– My advice has made other’s thousands of dollars, far in excess of it’s charge.

That is why I charge more! I rarely get confronted on this issue, but in the rare cases I do this is the standard answer. If I know I am perfect for them, then I go for it! If they don’t want to work with me great, but it won’t stop me making a HARD suggestion! As for you, if you are learning how to sell or dealing with price objections – really understand why you are brilliant and go hard for it! You never know who will hire you!

Hope you enjoyed this fine read and thank you for your attention! Of course if you are after some powerhouse Sales & Marketing Strategies – make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault right here.

Thank you from Edward Zia and have a great day or night wherever you are!

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