One of the Greatest Civil Rights Campaigners of all times who has always greatly inspired me.  I think judging someone by what they do for a living is as bad as judging someone by the colour of their skin!

One of the Greatest Civil Rights Campaigners of all times who has always greatly inspired me. I think judging someone by what they do for a living is as bad as judging someone by the colour of their skin!

Probably some years ago, I heard a great saying that at the time I dismissed for something cute – only to find it very true and accurate:

“You can judge people’s true nature by how they treat a waitress”.

Excuse the sexism in this saying as this point of course isn’t about gender, it’s more about how people treat what they consider different “Classes” in society.  If you know a bit about my history, even though my natural accent may be that of an Melbourne Eastern-Suburb Affluent – I have been homeless several times, eaten quite a few meals in Soup Kitchens in my time and have had myself brought down to earth rather hard after once “Making it” so to speak as a Corporate.

I really appreciate those lessons in that if I ever had any sense of arrogance, that certainly took it out of me and replaced it with proper humility.  As my life went on and I learned some of these lessons, this lesson kept coming up for me over and over again.

These days across Sydney, I am quite a known figure in a lot of the Business Networking spaces.  Be it people like me or not, they know who I am and treat me from that type of perspective.  I remember when I was a “Nobody” so to speak and the people who were nice to me then.  People like Grant Dempsey, Edward Wright, Martha Arifin, Matt Craig and many more – they were nice to me at the bottom.

I know some other quite undesirables that were quite mean to me when I was on the bottom and today, they are my “Best Pals” which often makes me ill.  That is, they care little for who I am and are just nice to me because they either “Have to” or like “Edward is powerful, so I will suck up to him”.  These are the Scumbags / BAD people I want to pick on this article x x

These days I eat a lot of meals out of the home (at least 60% of them) and I always make it a point to be well mannered to those making my coffee and especially waitresses.  Speaking to the BAD people, I have seen a few of these in action when it comes to dealing with Waiters, Waitresses and say Shop Assistants.  Proving that old saying I learned some years ago, they are mean to people they consider “Weaker” than themselves and they kiss butt of people who they think are “Stronger” than themselves.  They will be fakely your best friend, only to boss around some hard working man / woman serving them the best of their ability.  Anyone who pushes someone around weaker than them is a little stinky bully in my book and I treat them as such!

I can imagine you are reading this article thinking “Yes Edward! I know plenty of people like that”.  I think most people aren’t and are quite good – but you get this large chunk of society who are.  They think this way, very power based behavior from people that have a complete lack of moral substance and ethics.

My advice? Talking to the positive, in business I have been screwed over many times and this is a “Great Test” I use all the time. I watch how people treat others, how they speak of others and in particular how they treat say Waiters and Assistants.  If they do it well, chances are I can trust them – if not, they are probably someone who will end up trying to rip me or one of my friends off.

So regardless of what people do, I think:

“Do not judge a man by the contents of his wallet, but by the content of his character” – obviously I am trying to quote someone famous and awesome here.

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Happy Days and Nights Friends and speak to you all soon! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Small Business Lover!



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