Very lucky to be spending great time with Stefan Thomas - Network Director of 4Networking UK.  Amazing Leader and he also has great taste in shirts!

Very lucky to be spending great time with Stefan Thomas – Network Director of 4Networking UK. Amazing Leader and he also has great taste in shirts!

It’s about Day 5 of my Business Research Trip and I have already justified it in terms of it’s cost and reason for going.  I won’t lie to you at all, I have spent a pretty penny going on the trip, the time of organizing it has been amazing but I have already paid for it with some great ideas and innovations I have picked up today.

At a place called “Northampton” in the United Kingdom there was a massive Regional Leader led for a great part of 4Networking UK’s Team.  Stefan Thomas (who is guiding me on my trip), Terry Cooper and Brad Burton are the amazing leaders I am spending time with and learning how things work.

I have been to many seminars in my time.  Some great and some I think just charge a rip off rate – but this trip to me is the real thing.  I am learning from those awesome ones Face to Face and in the meeting today I have learned some amazing themes that I am  busy getting my brain to integrate as quickly as possible:

1) 100% Conviction and Belief in What you Do: Not 91%, 95% but 100%.  In what you do and what you sell, you have to be into it 100% and have unwavering belief in it and what you can do.  If you logically believe in yourself and you don’t – sort out your confidence.  If you know your product is shitty, then work on it! This to me is one important one for sure here.

2) Delegate and give people responsibility: I have been doing too much myself, time to get people doing more to help themselves and our business network.

3) Selling and Selling: Be selling, invite people to work with you and PICK UP THE PHONE!

You may be thinking “Ed this sounds obvious.  Derp!” and I agree with you.  However, in life there are many obvious things out there and sometimes you need to see them in play over and over enough again till you get the message and it integrates.

One thing I have noticed here is in myself on Point 1).  I have too much doubt and I question my own ability.  My issue is that I question my own ability.  In seeing Brad Burton in action I have come to appreciate this element.  “Cockyness” is one thing, but if you know your stuff (which I do) then there is no reason to question it.  So don’t!

Most people (me included) are way more brilliant than we think and we are always under-selling ourselves.  So nyaa to under-selling! Glad I came on this trip! Already worth it x x

A big awesome thank you to Stefan for being such a great host too! He rocks and love his work.

Thank you from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and Regional Leader with peers now!



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  1. Hi Edward do u hve any plans to attend the 15&16 May business exhibition at excel london. Rubina

    • Hello Awesome Rubina! Yes, I am at the Docklands now actually and it’s a big part of my trip hanging out with you fine people at the show. Love to see you there. When are you coming?

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