Martha and Miffy right after our Webinar.  Martha is one Top Online Marketing Expert and is our Blog Dedication today!

Martha and Miffy right after our Webinar. Martha is one Top Online Marketing Expert and is our Blog Dedication today!

Small Business Marketing & Success? I love it and even though it’s only about 2 actual years I have worked with Martha Arifin (from Trusted Web Expert) we both agree it has felt like much longer than that.  In the actual time we have known each other, our lives have although fraught with many challenges – we have had amazing levels of success and our lives totally rock (although we work some long hours!).

It’s 9:04PM as I write this article after we did our Webinar in “Making Money out of Facebook”. It was a great event and the recording will be blogged out in a future article so watch this space. Before and after the Webinar we were talking about our history together, where we have both helped each other and how we have survived so whacky “Business Threatening” situations together to make it to present day.

Martha to this day has been an amazing client and I have been very fortunate first hand to watch her to do some amazing work for many clients I have referred to her for Small Business Websites & Online Marketing.

Why is she so great and why do I have a such a high opinion of her? There are quite a few reasons in relation to her quality, ethics, integrity and such – but one thing I do greatly admire about her is how she is the “Quiet Achiever”.  In my work as a Marketing Mentor, I have worked with all sorts of people from loud-mouths that have no idea and just make stuff up, to the technically brilliant and everyone else in between.

What is very interesting with Martha is that she is in Web Site Design.  If you think about it for a second, who isn’t in web design? She is up against not only the developing world, but every man & woman and their dog & cat and she still rocks with more than enough work that she could want.

Martha is quiet too! She totally debunks the stupid myth that the loud mouths always make it and sell more.  Martha in fact is the “Quiet Stereotyped Asian” and I have watched her sell website after website.

So what I have learnt from Martha’s success and my advice? Many things – but one in particular is that the odd loud person can come in and tell people what they want to hear, but like “Lighter Fluid” they burn bright and they are gone.  Hard working, detail focused people like Martha Arifin make it.  People love their work, they tell the total truth and they value their quality, not what comes out of their mouths.  So Martha is totally awesome in my book!

And speaking of Awesome, make sure you visit my Awesome Marketing Vault! My Online Course full of awesome Sales goodness!

Thank you for taking the read and thank you to Martha for her awesome work over the years!

Edward Zia – Small Business Marketing Mentor who loves Quiet Hard Workers!



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