The Awesome Kat Tate (Far Right) - One fine Business Woman that takes full Personal Responsiblity, Gets on with the job who this article is dedicated too!

The Awesome Kat Tate (Far Right) – One fine Business Woman that takes full Personal Responsibility – who well deserves this article dedication!

“I am an alcoholic, how can I take care of myself?” – These were strange words that I heard in the tail end of a conversation walking back home from the gym between an nice old man watering his lawn – and a hostile drunk / petty criminal that I have seen causing trouble before.

Being an active article writer and a man that personally believes highly in taking personal responsibility, hearing the negative passion of these words being uttered by the hostile drunk got me thinking:

– Wow.  There are tons of people around like this.  How can one live their live like this?

I have seen the drunk before hanging around the streets of where I live in Inner-West Sydney.  Always drinking out of a bottle poorly disguised with a brown paper bag and he is not the “Nice Drunk” – but the hostile type that if you accidentally make eye contact with, they stare right back at you trying to intimidate / dominate you.  As I was judging thinking “Really?” it made me reflect on the general topic of “Personal Responsibility”.  These type of people to me are the pure scum-bags of society and in reflecting on my time working with Enforcement – they form the bulk of the people who commit thefts, assaults and form the majority of the Australian Prison Population.

In our society it can often be a “Race to Blame” especially when you have been through some mean Corporate Environments like I have been in.  The worst job of my life some years ago which will always impact me (the Motoring Association) was an environment full of people who were doing the opposite of taking any sense of responsibility.  The culture was a “Blame First, Ask Questions” later where many tried to not only bully me – but generally created a high turnover environment not good for anyone.  Everyone hated their job there, their boss was always at fault and if something went wrong in their area – it was due to someone else and very few people were positively contributing to the culture there (except for a few awesome characters who moved on quite quickly and found way better jobs!).

Talking more Small Business and Entrepreneurial Success, most successful people take “Full Personal Responsibility” which I think is great.  I am surrounded by many great people who do this and one fine woman I want to dedicate this article too is my personal friend and Channel Partner Kat Tate (who is one fine copy writer).  We talk quite a bit and on a note of dark / ironic humor both of our long-term relationships with our respective partners went kaput at the same time.  In 2013 for me it was quite hard dealing with this and I found Kat quite an inspirational character demonstrating the fine trait of “Personal Responsibility”.

When her relationship ended what did she do? Took massive personal responsibility, focused hard on her business, got really really fit and even moved to a new part of town to build herself a new awesome life.  She did it in such a record time and kept her business moving which I thought was totally great and inspirational.

Comparing her to the negative person of this article – was me! Not this time, I handled my breakup quite well – but I remembered back to my old Corporate Days where my life wasn’t successful at all.  Seeing the Hostile Drunk at one end of the spectrum and then seeing Kat Tate at the other end made me reflect on how I didn’t take personal responsibility for my own circumstances.

Sure, I worked hard and was well educated with some Senior Roles – but in key areas I would always blame my partner, my boss, my old addictions and use my emotional wounds from my government days as excuses for why I can play victim and such.

The past few years and looking back now – one big revolution in my thinking was moving from “Victim to Leader” and taking Personal Responsibility.  I stopped blaming other people and looked at my life and piece by piece got it working and made it awesome!

Going back to my awe of Kat Tate, she was deep in a negative situation.  No one likes having relationships end and like in my case – I did everything possible to prevent that but it happened.  When bad stuff happens, then to me this is the greatest test of “Personal Responsibility” – do you handle your breakup like the Hostile Drunk and destroy your life and damage society? Or take Kat’s path of actively dealing with it and turning your circumstances to suit you.

Talking business in more directness, I don’t know anyone who is really successful with a massive business that plays victim at all.  They are all awesome operators that take massive responsibility for everything and fix problems / bad things as they arise.

My advice to you from my own mistakes and learning’s of others? Realize that lots of bad things will happen to you that you don’t deserve, don’t want and even may have tried to prevent.  Don’t blame yourself, just take responsibility – fix them, make your business stronger and move on! I promise that if you do that, your Bank Account will not only thank you – but you will be living a much more fun and enjoyable life.

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Have a great day or night everyone and big thanks to Kat Tate for being one fine inspiration!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and man that learnt his lessons early on about Personal Responsibility!



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