The Evil Boss: Fired me just before end of Probation.

Tom & Rob + Evil Bosses.  From all of us working people, you suck and I hope you get what you deserve! :)

To All Evil Bosses – From all of us working people, you suck and I hope you get what you deserve!

Before I pull out the violins and tell my sob story – I just wanted to point out how common my story is. I know quite a few people around town who have started new jobs (i.e. including ones when they were poached) and they worked their hardest to make the best first impression and succeed in their roles.  Their bosses would “Make them feel good” and then at the last minute, with no warning – would fire them say 1 – 3 days before the end of their probation.

I once had this type of experience.  Some time ago, I had a Marketing Manager role for a Large Corporate.  I originally didn’t want the job, but this evil manipulative man by the name of “Richard”, backed up by his sinister HR person “Norbert” – lured me into this job.

It was a tough job, I worked my butt off – did some crazy hours and at about 10 weeks I checked in how things were going.  They told me I was great and nothing to worry about (where my probation ended on week 12 – i.e. 3 months).

Then what happened, about 2 days from the end – they got rid of me.  The reality was that conditions changed in the business and they couldn’t keep me – but instead of saying that, they just made up fictional stuff that couldn’t be substantiated.

Is this just me not being able to take feedback? Not at all.  If they hated me great or if there are issues – tell me so I can fix it.  But NO – they just got rid of me, tried to pin it on me so they could duck responsibility.

Both “Richard” and “Norbert” were evil little cowards and I would certainly enjoy finding them in a dark alley at some point.  They were just greedy little politians who enjoyed hurting others to make themselves look good.

As you can tell, there is a bit of venom in me on this one – but what makes me quite sad, is that my story is nothing compared to what I have heard others go through out there.  So what is my lesson and thoughts on this one? If you don’t have a business, the reality is that you need your job and you just can’t punch people in the head.

But what I would say is that if you are getting a raw deal, make sure you don’t make my mistake and sit there unhappy and blame everyone.  By all means, defend yourself against evil bullies, BUT make sure you are looking for a better deal.

This may be within the organization or outside of there! I learnt that the most “Loyal” people in Corporates earn’t the lowest level of pays and gained the least respect.  The most valued were the ones that continually moved and had amazing CV’s.

Interesting no? Anyway – “Richard” & “Norbert” – if you read this one day, I hope you have changed your wicked ways.  If not, hopefully someone will trash your car in the next few days. Protect yourself everyone and stay strong! The world is too small for evil bosses these days!

How to Destroy Your Life with “Positive Thinking” Peer Pressure?

"Positive Thinking" Peer Pressure - What is really Going on here?

Sometime ago (and even recently), I have had so many dumb, pathetic and stupid, extremist “Positive Thinkers” running around trying to brainwash me with their delusions of the world.

Most of the time, they try and make out they are your “Friend”, and they really care – but more often that not (i.e. at least 80% of the time), there is a clear commercial agenda going on.

Besides the obvious examples of MLM / Pyramid Seminars (such as the dangerous one that you know I am referring too) which teach you to prey on friends and family, I am also making a reference to the much more subtle ones.

During a course I attended some time ago, it was a great “Positive Group”.

I actually mean this positively for a change – I really liked some of the people in it (and made some great lasting friends too).

One sinister element too it though, was how the provider of the course was really trying the “Positive Hard” sell to get into your wallet.  People who purchased more products or upgraded to another high option – were loudly applauded and congratulated in front of the group.

Also, a professional Networking Group (which you probably know what I am referring too) – really makes out that “If Your Serious” and “Positive” about your Business and getting new clients – you will join us immediately and pay us your money.

What I have found as in from the playground, right through to Modern Day, some really dodgy, shonky and unethical “Positive Thinkers” out there have figured out how to incorporate themes of “Peer Pressure” into what they are doing.

That is, you do what the group says and confirm (usually by giving your time / money / obedience) they applaud you, and if you don’t – they vilify you.

So if your thinking, “So what Ed? So what if a group congratulates you for confirming? That is a good thing right?” – I am going to argue that it’s not.  Because, “Positive Thinking” if often used to disguise from really unethical money-making schemes.

I have met so many “Spiritual”, “Positive” people out there – who are cleverly designed sharks who are trying to rip you off.

I have also met some real “Genuine”, “Good-Natured” and “Truly Positive” people out there as well.

Just be careful please! If you have just met someone and they are “Too Nice” to you – remember, there is a likely agenda going on.  And, these guys don’t give a rats about your dreams or goals – to them, you are merely just a “Cog” in a machine to them.

I wish I learnt this stuff 20 years ago! 🙂