Does Being “Positive” all the time drive you Nuts?

Respect My Authora-Tah!

Ignoring negative emotions is like ignoring someone knocking on the door, a cat crying outside or a 4 year old tugging at your Shirt to take them to McDonald’s.

The more you ignore what you are feeling (negatively), to me and many people I know – the louder it becomes.

It’s a bit like, when say you are busy studying in a quiet library and someone taps a pen on the desk, or say busy in your office – and someone plays some song that drives you nuts (Brittany Spears does it for me).  In fact, when I hear her going off – my “Positive Thinking” goes out the window for sure! No amount of “Positivity” can get me over the pain!

You ignore it, ignore it, then eventually you start to go nuts! In fact, the more you “Try” to ignore it, it almost seems the more powerful it becomes.  Then eventually you end up moving, turning down the radio or asking them *nicely* to turn it down.

One thing I have realized in my own life, is that I have been a real “Bottler” of emotions.  If something let’s say not quite fairly is being done to me, I have a real tendency to “Ignore It” because:

– I need to be “More Flexible”.

– I need to be “Nicer”.

– I need to be “More Accommodating”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we run around like “Control Freaks” and dictate to everyone what we want.  That is the other extreme of what I am saying which isn’t any better.  In fact, “Control Freaks” can often be the type of people that contribute to the problems that this blog post is attempting to resolve!  What I am suggesting as I have found (not only for myself but many others), if you are the type of person that tends to “Take Stuff” to the extreme – it isn’t very good for you.  Quite often, the stress you end up taking on can really show it’s ugly face in a wide range of ways including:

– Passive Aggression,

– Fatigue & General Loss of Energy,

– Bottling up & Exploding,

– And in extreme circumstances – can lead to serious physical issues (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Heart Attacks etc).

One thing that has really come clear to me in my life lately, is that my own act of “Ignoring” bad stuff around me is actually causing me harm.  That is, besides not “Feeling Right” it can really leave you on edge and run you down over a period of time.  What I have learnt is that it’s really critical to acknowledge your so called “Negative Emotions” and take action on them.  It may be changing something in your outside world or even changing the way you look at things.

This is where too much Positive Thinking can get you into trouble.  If you are “too Positive” it can cause you to ignore all the “Negative Stuff” which leads to the above problems.  Like many things in life – a healthy balance of things are required.