Being Reputable, Telling the Truth and Being Trusted – Go Anna Porter!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor.  Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor. Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

This article is dedicated to the amazing Property Mentor / Investor Anna Porter (from Surburbanite).

I had a very long extended “Business Lunch” yesterday, I was reflecting on some amazing discussion and realizations I had with Anna.  I am very lucky to have worked with her and she was my first sign up ever to one of my workshops which we now run all the time!

We spoke about many business topics and caught up on old times and one of the big themes that came up in our conversation again and again was all about being a “Reputable Player” not only in our markets, but within our own respective industries.

I was subject to a stack of heavy personal attacks by people over the past few weeks and poor Anna has had her fair share too.  We both realized that as one succeeds and contributes, the right people reward you – but the wrong people pull out daggers and come and get you out of destructive envy and insecurity.

The big reflection of this is that as you succeed in business, you tell the truth and stand your position – at the start of the game no one cares about you, but as you go up – people come out of the wood work trying to take a chunk out of you.

I had this person have a shot at me late last week and I know what to be completely true – when I started out, this person ignored me, but now I am actually making a different they are coming after me and trying to bring me down.  In the case of Anna Porter too, if you ever meet this dynamic business woman she is nothing short of amazing with a truly giving heart, but as she is successful she has her critics trying to stop her doing great work.

As we spoke, we joked about Sydney at times being one “Large Shark Tank” and I think that’s it – accept people are going to come and get you, but don’t deviate from your path – think long term and live the life of being Reputable, Trusted and telling it as it is!

And of course, watch out for those sharks too! One tried to chomp me last week, but I got ’em with the Harpoon Gun!

Looking Ahead beyond Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Edward Zia (myself) and the fine Business Woman Rochelle Prater - with our "Selfie" taken :)

Edward Zia (myself) and the fine Business Woman Rochelle Prater – with our “Selfie” taken

I would like to dedicate this article to one intelligent and progressive business woman by the name of Rochelle Prater.

I also want to thank a top friend of mine Jenny Kuo for helping me out yesterday from my old conditions of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I had a very long day yesterday and a few events occurred in a row that triggered an a proper attack that lasted for about 45 minutes and impacted me for the rest of the day.

Today I caught up with Rochelle and we were working on a few projects and what pricked up my ears and really took my respect / admiration of her is how she has handled adversity in her life.  We all have had challenges of some way or another and one thing I really was touched by was her view on challenges and stuff that has happened to her.  Compartively, she has survived much more hostile conditions than myself but what amazed me was her top attitude and understanding of it, trying to remember word for word she said:

– “I wouldn’t take back even one experience.  It’s all part of life and made me what I am today”.

This got me thinking on a range of levels including the way I look at things.  I still carry the weight on my shoulders of really stuffing up my life some years ago (I really did) and even though I have had some recent massive victories and retaken what I am lost and more – I still can’t help feeling the burden of previous failures.

I think combined with some of the violence I have witnesses and being in a series of life threatening situations (including being choked and almost dying as a child) it has left an interesting mark on me.  Combined with early 20’s in the Army, having one awesome mother a Police Inspector – even though I am a Marketing Guy, I often get mistakes for a cop when I go into places.

Jenny Kuo and Rochelle are two women that have made a great case for me to really forget my past and move on and accept what has happened in not so much of a stupid / life coach “Spirituality / Abundance” lame manner, but in a pragmatic and logical manner.

So this article is a big thank you to Jenny Kuo for helping me through some times and of course Rochelle Prater from today.  Wish I met both you ladies a long time ago and learned from your amazing strengths.

Thank you from Edward Zia for taking the time to read this and hope you are winning out there in the big wide world!