This is the place I am staying at in Manila.  I so can't wait, but no pool for me!

This is the place I am staying at in Manila. I so can’t wait, but no pool for me!

I am so excited and getting ready for my first business trip since I got washed up in the GFC very long ago.  I am totally excited by the prospect of course and not long to go! I fly out to Dubai not this Saturday, but next Saturday and what is going through my mind are all the new things I am going to see.

Also, I am very lucky to be connecting with some totally awesome people on my fine work trip.  Lots of great Business People who are self-made that earn LOTS more money than I do! So for me, I want to pull my ear-plugs out and put a massive sock in my mouth x x

Since I have been in business (also noticed this in the workforce, but for whatever reason it seems more obvious when one is an Entrepreneur) many people who do the opposite.  I think one reason why I have enjoyed a level of success in my life now (that I didn’t for a long time) was my decision to really “Shut the Hell Up”, listen to other people and only speak when I know what I am on about.  I have found that many successful people I work with are sure – can be quite opinionated and expressive (and why shouldn’t they be – they know what they are doing), but if you look at them at the core they are very considerate thinkers who are open to other ideas and debate.

I remember earlier on in my business, I had a “Friend” (who ended up unfriending me on Facebook and ignoring me later in life – just lovely x x) who would rarely take my advice.  Sure, I don’t expect everyone too – but the advice I was giving was extremely balanced and well researched. They always disputed me, against their own results and the market justification I gave them.  I don’t care if someone disagrees, but if someone goes against their own results and a strong justified argument, who can’t help thinking “Hmmm – Really?”.  Unfortunately for my old “Friend”, they didn’t do well at all on a Financial Level and if they are in business 1 year from now (at least earning $50,000 and more per year) I will be very suprised.  Quite sad actually! A brilliant person who had lots of potential shut their mind to the world to their own demise.

I can’t point the finger though – I once did the same and this was part of the reasoning I got washed up in the GFC and had to start my life again.  Oh well, a great lesson learned and boy I won’t do that again!

Bringing this back to my trip, which I am very excited about – I am going to make sure I don’t behave like my old “Friend”.  For me, it’s all about doing business the right way, LISTENING (Yes Edward Zia, you got to shut up and Listen!) and having an open mind to new experiences and ideas around me.

So here goes to more listening and less talking and can’t wait! My advice from my own mistakes? Be careful who you take advice from – BUT, if someone is doing well and has a kind agenda, then keep a very open mind and be ready to learn new things.

Thank you from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and Man who loves new ideas!



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