Why do most people HATE Monday’s – but some LOVE them?

Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant Comedy Horror that not only makes fun of it's own genre but the routine numbness that may people live in their lives.  A great film and work watching on iTunes and XBOX Video right Now! (and Simon Pegg rocks!)

Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant Comedy Horror that not only makes fun of it’s own genre but the routine numbness that many people live in their lives. A great film and work watching on iTunes and XBOX Video right Now! (With thanks to Universal Pictures for the image use).

If you have seen the brilliant Zombie Spoof film “Shaun of the Dead” I think it’s a great 4.5 Star Comedy that really parodies not only the George A. Romero genre, but also takes a funny stab at the “Mundane” nature of everyday life and the “Zombie like” lives we already lead.

I remember the opening scene was Simon Pegg’s Character “Shaun” is off to work.  From people looking “Dead” in the streets, to people on British Public Transport already in “Zombie” form far before the actual outbreak occurs and the Fake Blood and Zombie Killing “Golf Club Fest” is on.

As an employee in my old days, I had some jobs that were really good (Wrest Point Casino was just brilliant) but this certain Motoring Association I worked for had a group of people terrorizing me on a regular basis making it the hardest place to work in my life.

My Sunday nights and Monday mornings were filled with anxiety at the mere thought of walking in there and dealing with the passive aggressive abuse and the bullying that was only to come.

After my life changed and being in my own business, I am truly lucky to be living the dream.  Sure, some days I can struggle to get up – but I enjoy Monday’s as I am ready to contribute and do what I love – Marketing Mentoring and Helping Awesome People!

I do know a few employees who totally love their jobs.  I have been very lucky to get to know this amazing Professional by the name of Kimberly Buttriss who just recently was promoted to an Associate at her Legal Firm.  She is quite an amazing woman and you can tell from 20 meters that she totally loves her job and puts her heart and soul into it (hence no surprise why she is a brilliant operator and got promoted).

Although it’s sad, I can understand why most employees out there don’t like their jobs.  I am ironically about to catch a train to Sydney CBD now and it can be a disturbing sight.  I have seen it full of scenes like out of “Shaun of the Dead” of people you know that just hate their life.

One problem I have seen however, talking more as a Small Business Marketer and Entrepreneur Lover are people in businesses of their CHOICE hating what they do! That is as a massive issue in my book and although I am a far cry of a Career Coach – Blind Freddy can deduce that this is a big problem in a range of areas.

I think that people don’t like their jobs / businesses for a range of reasons including:

– Not actually liking the profession.

– Not getting the results they want – so they turn on it slightly.

– Not good Co-Workers.

– Don’t like parts of their business that take over, e.g. admin, Sales & Marketing, chasing up Debt etc.

If you are an employee and don’t like what you do – may I invite you to ask why and look for answers.  If you are a business owner and don’t like your job – that is a big problem and may I invite you to take a page out of Shaun’s and Awesome Kimberly’s book and look at how you can improve things to make it so.  It could be changing your attitude, getting rid of a few bad clients (which happened to me in 2013), outsourcing things that you don’t like or even giving things a shake up.

It’s very hard to be a brilliant Marketer of your Small Business if you don’t like it! People know if your heart isn’t in it and hence it will drastically impact your sales.  Even if you are making good money, the life will draw from you over time.

So make sure you enjoy your Monday’s Awesome friends, and if you don’t start changing stuff till you do! I certainly did in my journey and haven’t looked back.

Thank you for the kind, if you want more Awesome Content check out the Awesome Marketing Vault and Happy Monday wherever you are!

Edward Zia – Ex-Jaded Corporate Employee and Super Happy Entrepreneur and Marketing Mentor