It was a pleasure working with the Man of the World Daniel Tolson today.  He asked me a great question about how you sell Coaching Services - love it! Yay!

It was a pleasure working with the Man of the World Daniel Tolson today. He asked me a great question about how you sell Coaching Services – love it! Yay!

I was very lucky to be working with quite a savvy operator today by the name of Daniel Tolson.  He is an Ex-Athlete that has had an amazing career of working across the Middle East, running many successful businesses, once being part of the Cabin Crew for the Awesome Emirates Airline (which I totally love) who is back in Australia working on his Real Estate Performance Coaching Business.

He asked me a great question today which when he immediately said it I knew it deserved a decent Blog Post / Article type of answer.  His question was so simple, yet the answer is just so complex and I want to help tackle that with you all right now.

That intelligent question is “Edward, how do I sell my Coaching Services when I get asked?”.

That is a great question and the way I have summarized it as per the heading of this article is “OK, So you are Coach.  That is great. So tell me how I am going to get better results from hiring you?”.

So simple yet so complex and to illustrate, I first want to put my money where my mouth is and use my own example.  When I first started my business this was a frustrating “Enemy Within” but as I got to know my client base, I have great answers.

Let’s say I meet someone at a Networking Event and they ask me “So Edward, how are you going to help me if I hired You?”. The first thing I would say is not giving “Motherhood Statements”.  That is, just big unjustifiable explanations such as “Well, I will help you Grow your Business”.

That is way too general and if I was in the other side I want a decent answer.  I like to give a bit of detail and I generally say something like this:

“I have been a Marketing Manager for years in Corporate and Working the Streets of Sydney as a Marketing Mentor.  Quite often I help my clients with Practical experience as to what I know works, what I know that doesn’t.  The main areas I help people in is their Sales Pitches, Wording, Strategy, Direction and then also Online Strategy including Web Sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and Mailchimp”.

Basically, I have been straight up with people and given them an overview of how I help them. It’s great in that it tells people a bit of detail so they know I am not all “Hype” and of reasonable substance.

In terms of what you are doing, let’s say you are a Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Trainer or the like – it’s really important to understand the “Moving Parts” of what you do.  Let’s say you are a Coach, too many people out there when asked the basic question “How are you going to help me?” just say “I will give you powerful transformations”.

No way.  That answer doesn’t cut it. The simple reality is that you have to give a bit of detail in how you work.  Continuing the Coaching example, how do you do it? What kind of techniques do you use? What is your experience? What is your claim to fame? What “Detail” can you give so people know you are “In the Know” and can help them.  Don’t try and be fancy, just be straight up – tell them the technologies you use and why they rock!

My advice? Always first express the outcome of what you do when you are selling, e.g. “I help business people increase their sales”, “I help Entrepreneurs overcome fear and anxiety of starting up” – then go into the detail! Give someone something to work with so they know you rock and have the goods.

Hope you enjoyed the read, my thanks to Daniel Tolson for being the “Poster Boy” of this article and Happy Days! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves detail!



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