The Awesome Random Acts of Love exercise by Judith Dowsett and Emma Perrow - very compelling and hit the mark!

The Awesome Random Acts of Love exercise by Judith Dowsett and Emma Perrow – very compelling and hit the mark!

I had an amazing Friday in spending time with the great-hearted Regional Australia Folk when I visited 4Networking Wollongong (an awesome 90 minute drive South of Sydney CBD).  Even though it’s not a long drive, it’s a totally different environment! Straight from one of the World’s Top Cities to one of Australia’s Top Country Cities.

In my 4Networking experience, I have been very lucky to spend time with the amazing Judith Dowsett & Emma Perrow who are two great Personal Coaches that work together.

During our morning Networking Meeting they got together and conducted this “Random Act of Love” exercise.  Even thought I did accidentally upset Judith by pretending to play down the exercise (which I am sorry and regretful for) it was a powerful act of contribution that perhaps a Persian man like me needs to pay more attention too.

As per the photo, this exercise involved putting great Love Hearts out with positive messages and of course a Chocolate Freddo Frog.  It really helped create that positive buzz in the room and really contributed to the great Networking Event we had that day. During the event the topic came up of “Negative People” and my instant response to the audience was “Yeah! They suck!” – everyone laughed and it was quite a funny (yet very true response I hit everyone with).

What was interesting was during the week I had several take advantage of me in a negative way. It was hardly an act that cost me commercially – but it was very upsetting in the respect of someone taking my trust and taking advantage of it. As I write this article I am hurt by it – but I can sleep well at night knowing I was 100% in the right in my dealings with them and they just suck!

Bringing it back to why I think Emma and Judith are great (especially from a Small Business Marketing Viewpoint) is how they think and operate. They are quiet positive loving people and besides making a great contribution to the world – they are well known operators building a powerful reputation. After all – as Personal Coaches, “Love” is a common issue they work with.  “Love” I find is an issue I have – most just think it’s “Sexual” but it’s so much more than that.  If anything, I have got some issues in this area so I better heed their thinking and kind words here! (As I am a 35 year old, Old Persian Man with two cats who is still single x x lol).

Talking commercialism too – their exercise is very powerful. After all, I am writing about them – promoting them, it got every talking about them and it only helps them build their reputation.

My advice and learning from this experience? People love positivity and although “Negativity” can grab headlines (which can be often a trick I use) it’s got to all lead to a positive outcome somehow.  People are over the “Pain / Fear Based Selling” and as they proved – being decent, honest and positive always trumps.  Make sure in not only yourself personally but your business – you are being positive and although the reasons for people purchasing your product / services may be negative, always take them to a find positive end!

And of course, if you like a fine positive end – make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault! One Top Training Course full of powerhouse tips!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves awesome positive people like Emma and Judith!



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  1. Hey Ed
    Great article Now I will try not to be negative so I will say I felt the love even though I was unable to be there
    Emma and Judith are doing a great job in helping Wollongong 4 Networking Grow and touch more and more people. Positiveness like Laughter is contagious.
    Jenelle Livet

    • Being negative is all good! Being positive is all good! I think you are awesome Jenelle and those girls know how to spread the love for sure. You have done an amazing job of building that group and look forward to seeing you soon!

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